Thursday, 29 March 2007

Eh rune

Eh, marriage,[Ehe], law, horse, court, etc.

A seventeenth helps me with a lovely maid,
so that she will never be able to leave me.

The seventeenth, or "eh-rune" plays off against the sixteenth. While that one warns against frivilous transitory love affairs, the "marriage[Ehe]- rune" confirms the concept of lasting love on the basis of marriage as the legal bond between man and woman.
This is symbolically indicated by a later "eh-rune" in that the "laf-rune" is doubled in it, therefore symbolically saying: "two bound together by the primal law of life!"
Marriage[Ehe] is the basis of the folk, and therefore "eh" is again the concept of law, for according to an ancient legal formula marriage is the "raw-root"[Rauwurzel], that is, the law-root of the continuence of Teutondom. Therefore: "Marriage is the raw-root of the Aryans!"

Between the seventeenth and eighteenth rune the skald included the following verse:

These songs will be, to you, Loddfafnir,
for a long time well-nigh unlearnable,
rejoice, if you experience them;
take note, if you learn them,
use it, if you understand them.

After this interlude-strophe, he begins with the mysterious eighteenth rune which follows as he again lets Wuotan speak:

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