Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Fa rune

There are 18 rune staves in the Armanen futhorc of Guido von List.

fa/feh/feo= fire-generation, fire-borer, livestock[Vieh], property, to grow, to wander, to destroy, to shred[fetzen].

The first promises to help helpfully
in the struggle and in misery and in every difficulty.

The root-word "fa", which is symolized as the "primordial word" in this rune, is the conceptual foundation of "arising", "being"[doing, working, ruling], and of passing away to new arising"-and so of the transitoriness of all existence and therefore of the stability of the "ego" in constant transformation. This rune conceals, therefore, the skaldic solace that true wisdom only lives for the evolution of the future, while only the fool mourns over decay: "Generate your luck and you will have it!"

[Guido von List, The Secret of the Runes]

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