Thursday, 29 March 2007


Fyrfos, hook-cross.

The eighteenth I will eternally never
tell to a woman or maid;
it forms the best end to the lays-
which only One of All knows,
except for the lady who embraces me in marriage
or one who is also a sister to me.

In this eighteenth song, the skald again recedes from view; he lets Wuotan sing and speak in order to indicate that this highest knowledge of the primal generation of the All can be known and comprehended uniquely and alone by the nuptually bound divinities of the biune-bifidic dyad of united spiritual and physical power, and that only these, uniquely and alone, understand the thrice-high-holy secret of constant generation, constant life, and uninterrupted recurrence, and are able to perceive the mysterious[eighteenth] rune of these.
However, certainly worthy of note is the fact that the eighteenth rune which is actually present is a-doubtless intentionally incomplete- fyrfos, and that it hearkens back to this sign in both name and meaning-without, nevertheless, exhausting it. In this the intention of the skalds to guard vigilantly the fyrfos as their exclusive innermost secret, and as the sigil of that secret, can be seen. Only after yielding to certain pressures did they reveal another sign which partially replaced the fyrfos.
This sign, which can to a certain extent be seen as a "substitute" eighteenth rune, is:

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