Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Hagal rune

Hagal=the All-hedge, to enclose; hail, to destroy.

A seventh I know, if I see a fire
high around the housing of men
however wildly it may burn, I will bring it to rest
with taming magical songs.

Hagal!-Introspective awareness, the consciousness to bear his God with all his qualities within himself, produces a high self-confidence in the power of the personal spirit which bestows magical power, a magical power which dwells within all persons, and a power which can persuade a strong spirit to believe in it without any doubt. Christ, who was one of those rare persons-as was Wuotan-said:"Verily, verily, I say to you, if someone were to say to this stone:
move yourself away!-and he believes in it-then this stone would lift itself away and fly into the sea."
Borne by this doubt-less consciousness, the chosen one controls the physical and spiritual realms, which he contains comprehensively, and thereby he feels himself to be all-powerful. Therefore: "Harbour the All in yourself, and you will control the All!"

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