Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Is rune

Is, ire, iron[Eisen].

A ninth I grasp, when for me need arises
to protect my ship on the ocean:
then I will still the storm on the rising sea
and calm the swell of the waves.

Through the "doubt-less consciousness of personal spiritual power" the waves abound-"made to freeze"-they stiffen as if ice. But not only the waves[Wellen] [symbolic of the will[Wille]], all of life is obedient to the compelling will. Countless examples of the "ag-is-shield" of Wuotan, such as the "Gorgon`s Head" of the Athenians, the "Ag-is-helm"," all the way down to the hunting lore and practice of causing an animal to "freeze", and modern hypnosis, are all based on the hypnotic power of the forceful will of the spirit symbolised by this ninth rune.
Therefore: "Win power over yourself and you will have power over everything in the spiritual and physical worlds that strives against you."

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