Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Ka rune

Ka, kaun, kan, kuna, kien, kiel, kon, kuehn[bold],kein[none], etc.

A sixth is mine, if a man hurts me
with the root of a strange tree;
the ruin he threatened me with
does not hurt me but consumes him.

The "world-tree" Yggdrasill serves in the narrower sense as the Aryan tribal tree, beside which the tribal trees of foreign races are seen as "foreign trees". The runic concept "kaun", "kunna"[maid, eg., in [the name] Adelgunde] demonstrates the feminine principle in the All in a purely sexual sense. The tribe, the race, is to be purely preserved; it may not be defiled by the roots of the foreign tree. If it were nevertheless to happen, however, such would be of little use to the "foreign trees", because its "foreign scion" would grow to become its raging foe. Therefore: "Your blood, your highest possession."

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