Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Laf rune

Laf, lagu, loegr, primal-law, sea, life, downfall[defeat].

A fourteenth I sing to the gathered folk
by naming the divine names
for all of the Ase[Aesir] and Elven kind
I know as well as any.

The intuitive knowledge of the organic essence of the All, and therefore of the laws of nature, forms the unshakeable foundation of Aryan sacred teachings, or Wihinei[religion], which was able to encompass and comprehend the All and therefore also the individual in its arising, working, and passing away to new arising. Such esoteric knowledge was communicated to the folk in symbolically formulated myths, for the naive popular eye, unaccustomed to such deep vision and clairvoyance, could no more see the primal law than the physical eye can see the whole ocean, or the unschooled inner, spiritual eye the endlessness of life in the All. Therefore the fourteenth rune says: "First learn to steer, then dare the sea-journey!"

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