Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Nauth rune

Nauth, noth[need], Norn, compulsion of fate.

An eighth I have, surely for all
most needful to use:
wherever discord grows among heroes,
since I know how to settle it quickly.

"The need-rune blooms on the nail of the Norn!"
This is not "need"[distress] in the modern sense of the word, but rather the "compulsion of fate"-that the Norns fix according to primal laws. With this, the organic causality of all phenomena is to be understood. Whoever is able to grasp the primal cause of a phenomenon, and whoever gains knowledge of organically lawful evolution and the phenomena arising from it, is also able to judge their consequences just as they are beginning to ferment.
Therefore, he commands knowledge of the future and also understands how to settle all strife through "the constraint of the clearly recognised way of fate." Therefore: "Use your fate, do not strive against it!"

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