Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Rir rune

Rit, reith, rath, ruoth, rita, rat[rede], roth[red], rad[wheel], rod, rott, Recht[right], etc.

A fifth I heard, if from a happy flight
a shot flies into the host;
however swiftly it flies, I will force it to stop
if I can only catch it with my gaze.

The thrice hallowed "Rita", the solar-wheel, the "Urfyr"[primal fire, God] itself! The exalted introspective awareness[Innerlichkeitsgefuehl] or subjectivity of the Aryans was their consciousness of their own godliness, for "internity" is just "being-with-one`s self", and to be with one`s Self is to be with God. As long as a people possesses unspoiled their entire original "internity" as a "natural people", it also has no cause to worship an external divinity, for an external divine service bound by ceremony is only made obvious when one is not able to find God in one`s own innermost being, and begins to see this outside his "ego" and outside the world-"up there in the starry heaven". The less internal the person is, the more outward his life becomes. The more a people loses its internity, the more pompous and ceremonialized its outward manifestations become-in the character of its government, law, and cult[all of which will begin to emerge as seperate ideas]. But they should remain one in the knowledge: "What I believe, is what I know, and so I also live it out." For this reason, the Aryan divine-internity is also the basis for a proud disdain for death among the Aryans and for their limitless trust in God and in the Self, which expresses itself gloriously in the "Rita",[cosmic order,law] and which has the fifth rune as its symbolic word-sign. Therefore, this rune says: "I am my rod."

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