Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Sol rune

Sol, sal, sul, sig, sigi, sun, sal-vation, victory[Sieg], column[Sauele], school, etc.

An eleventh still I also know in the fight,
when I lead the dear one:
I sing it into the shield and he is victorious in battle
he fares hale hither and hale home again
he remains hale everywhere.

"Sal and sig!"-sal-vation and victory-[Heil und Sieg].
This millenia-old Aryan greeting and battle-cry is also again found in a variant form in the wide-spread call of inspiration: "alaf sal fena!" This has become symbolised by the eleventh sign of the futharkh as the sig-rune[victory-rune]: "The creative spirit must conquer!"

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