Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Thorn rune

Thorr, thurs, thorn=Thorr[thunder,thunderbolt,lightning flash], thorn.

A third I know, which is good to me
as a fetter for my enemies
I dull the swords of my opponents
neither weapon nor defense will help him.

The "thorn of death" is that with which Wuotan put the disobedient Valkyrie, Brunhild, into a death-sleep[cf. Sleeping Beauty et al], but in contrast to this it is also the "thorn of life"[phallus], with which death is conquered by rebirth. This threatening sign surely dulls the opposing weapon of the one going to his death, as well as the force of the powers of death, through a constant renewal of life in rebirth. Therefore: "Preserve your ego!"

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