Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The Concept of God according to Karl Maria Wiligut

The Christian god is known as Der Gott in German, the emphasis being upon his masculine gender if gender can ever be a suitable term when we are talking about the gods but nevertheless in accord with Semitic relgious thought he is viewed very much as a he, der in other words.
However there is a much older and more native concept of god which is held by the German speaking peoples and this god is viewed more as a principle, an energy which works within Ario-Germanic man that gives him his god-like status and being and this is demonstrated in the term das Gott. Das being the neuter form of the German der.
The great Professor Hans Guenther has this to say about das Gott;

"When Christian missionaries asked the north Teutons who or what they believed in, they received the reply which centuries previously the south Teutons — who had believed in Das Gott (neuter) — might also have given, that they believed in their power (matt) or strength (magin), a power working within them, a deity filling the religious man, an inner-worldly and inner-spiritual deity. Such an answer must have seemed to the missionaries, as it would to many present day commentators, a mere boast of power or an idolatrous presumption, while in fact it must be understood as a factual “The God” (Das Gott) corresponding to the dominans ille in nobis deus. But it is easy to understand that the missionaries, who in Christianity had accepted the extra-mundane, transcendent ideas of a “personal” God, from the Semitic peoples, were at a loss when confronted by faith in a destiny ruling within men."

Karl Maria Wiligut refers to this same god as "Got" or Gottos and has this to say about him/it:-

The Nine Commandments of Got.

1.Got is Al-unity!

2.Got is "Spirit and Matter",the dyad.He brings duality,and is nevertheless,unity and purity...

3.Got is a triad:Spirit,Energy and Matter.Got-Spirit,Got-Ur,Got-Being,or Sun-Light and Waker[Wekr],the dyad.

4.Got is eternal-as Time,Space,Energy and Matter in his circulating current.

5.Got is cause and effect.Therefore out of Got flows right,might,duty and happiness.

6.Got is eternally generating.The Matter,Energy and Light of Got are that which carry this along.

7.Got-beyond the concepts of good and evil-is that which carries the seven epochs of human history.

8.Rulership in the circulation of the current carries along the highness-the secret tribunal[heimliche Acht].

9.Got is beginning without end-the Al.He is completion in Nothingness,and,nevertheless,Al in the three-times-three realisation of all things.He closes the circle at N-yule,at Nothingness,out of the conscious into the unconscious,so that this may again become conscious.

How very different das Gott is from the god of the Judeo-Christian tradition.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this post. Can you site a source for Wiligut's commandments???

Wotans Krieger said...

The source is The Secret King: Karl Maria Willigut, Himmler`s Lord of the Runes by Dr Stephen Flowers and Michael Moynihan.