Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Intercosmic Consciousness of Vril[The Absolute Sovereignity]

Intercosmic consciousness-VRIL-Spirit-is the highest stage of development of the human spirit in this life. Who has once grasped it is permamently filled with it, he has become "Vril".

A trace of the idea and of the knowledge of VRIL-consciousness is to be found, albeit in an atrophied form in the Aryan-Vedic religion, culminating in the Bhagavad Gita and the teaching of "Krishna-consciousness". And both of these conceptions cannot be compared with one another.
The basis of relationship nevertheless shows, that in past times long ago of earth history the religion of VRIL may already once have predominated; in an age, which must still have been placed before the revelation of the ILU-teaching, because the ILU-revelations tell us indeed everything about the knowledge of the perfect, eternal divine truth, giving us no immediate guidance however as to the winning of ILU-consciousness, as the VRIL-consciousness can indeed also be called.
It may therefore be, that there are lost pre-vedic writings in the Aryan living space, in which the perfect knowledge together with the knowledge of the perfect way has already been once set down-possibly thanks to the Aldebaran ancients, perhaps however also of independant origin.

VRIL-consciousness is different from all other religious forms because it grows out of a combination of knowledge and BELIEF and leads to certainty of belief. VRIL-consciousness can only be developed there where there is concrete knowledge given over the history of the universe, the stars, the cosmos on this side and the cosmos on the other side with its other side worlds . VRIL-consciousness is the omnipresent knowledge about all of the this side and other side connections in combination with perfect divine knowledge-and both these planes necessitate one another.

Thus is the VRIL-consciousness inseperably connected with concrete, tangible knowledge of the cosmic and intercosmic facts and interrelations. The VRIL-conscious man lives in spiritual attachment with all beings of his race. In him rules the expanse of the world this side as well as the other side: for him there are no secrets. He knows that there are brothers and sisters many light years distant, who stand closer to him than numerous earth peoples. He knows that the purity of inherited nature denotes the key to the common ground with the origin and the nameless security of the original homeland. The VRIL-conscious man is truly "universal", he stands on the highest level. And lies in the nature of things, that only those can become and be "vril", who stand in direct inheritance to the godmen. Only such a spirit may acquire it.

Thus is THE VRIL the religion of the superior man, the spiritual overmen, those, who may perceive the great whole-because they are a part of it. All knowledge of the world this side of life, all knowledge also of the other side, the eternal life after earthly death, knowledge of the great tasks, which comes first behind the threshold of earthly death, the all-embracing superiority-that is VRIL.

The person in Vril stands thus above all things.

My translation of the original German from Ralf Ettl`s Das Vril Projekt.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article. It was a mistake that Panaryan Alliance made the decision to stop the communication of this material.

Yngona Desmond said...

Are you able to identify the script used in this glyph?

WhiteRevolution said...

14/88 comrade , if you want to make a link with my blog , just tell me

hildegard said...

I am pleased to see the CN quest being put elsewhere than its home site. It is a worthy cause.


hildegard said...

It is good to see the CN wisdom on an English site. The wisdom is needed here.


Anonymous said...

Answering Yngona Desmond:

That's a cipher alphabet for the German language, and reads (in a clockwise direction, starting at the top):

«Dem neuen Zeitalter entgegen
Sieg und Heil Grossdeutschland
Im Kampf für die Welt
Heil das neue Reich Thule!»

(My) translation:

«Towards the New Era
Victory and Salvation great Germany
In the battle for the World
Hail the new Empire (of) Thule!»

For more info, search for Maria Orsic (Orsitsch), Aldebaran language, etc.


Alejandro Rodríguez said...

Vril is a fictional energy invented for a science fiction novel of the 19th century. The author of that novel never said it was something real, so why do you talk about it and incorporate it into your religious system?

Wotans Krieger said...

Vril is a literary term for an all-pervading energy that the Arya can train him/herself to channel.It is also called Od/Ond/Maegan/Chi/Ki/Fohat/Prana/Pneuma etc in various Aryan and Aryan-influenced religious/spiritual traditions.
In the Germanic tradition we harnass this energy via the practice of Rune Yoga.I suggest that you study the recent article about Vril on the Eye of Woden blog, which I highly recommend.
Bulwer-Lytton was an esotericist,a Rosicrucian who transmitted secret knowlege in the form of fiction-a common device.