Saturday, 23 August 2008

Thule and the Aryan Race

"Then something happened. No one knows whether a moon fell onto the earth or what other disaster took place, but the giants were forced to disappear or hide in the mountains. To this day they wait there for the return of the old sun that warmed the world they knew.
Another explanation for this catastrophe is that the giants fell in love with the daughters of men and ceased being hermaphroditic. According to this theory, the expulsion of their female powers created dual beings who were partly physical, partly spiritual. There were now two races on earth, one half-human, half-divine, descended from the giants who consorted with the daughters of men, the other children only of human beings. The first race was still linked to extraterrestrial powers by a power called Vril. They had originally developed their civilization in the north, on a great polar island whose capital was Thule. It was surrounded by snow-capped mountains, but the centre was a warm green oasis. The men had white skin and their hair was like wool. The women had long golden hair that flowed in the wind.
These arctic creatures were clairvoyant. They wore moonstones as a sign of their power and emeralds in honour of Venus. They also introduced the practice of magic love, whose purpose was to reunite opposites and join extremes together. Their work symbolized a return to the world of the giants; it was the pilgrimage of the prodigal son to the lost home, a movement to a point of origin beyond time. But this high civilization came to an end. Thule vanished and the poles became uninhabitable. The green oasis of the Hyperboreans disappeared."

[El/Ella Book of Magic Love]