Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Black Sun

What is the Black Sun[Schwarze Sonne]? What is its meaning? From where does this concept originate?

The Black Sun consists of a sunwheel with12 Sig or Sol runes radiating around a disc, thus forming 3 swastikas. This symbol may still be found today in the marble floor of Himmler`s SS Order castle at Wewelsburg near Paderborn, acquired by Himmler in 1934 and subsequently rebuilt and expanded between 1936-1942.
The castle was intended by Himmler to be the spiritual centre of the Aryan world.

It has been suggested that the Black Sun represents the visible sun on its passage through the 12 months of year and derives from the decorative discs of the Merovingians[Goodrick-Clark].
In Wewelsburg however the `Black` Sun is a mottled green pattern.

There have been many tales of this symbol being seen on German aircraft in the Polar region at the end of WWII. According to the Chiliean mystic Miguel Serrano the gods dwell at a remote part of the galaxy which is illuminated by the Black Sun which lies beyond our golden sun and is invisible from the earth. However anyone familiar with Serrano`s teaching will realise that he often speaks symbolically and with a heavy use of metaphor. At times he indicates that the Black Sun is beyond time and space as we know it. He speculates that it is located in a non-existent universe, in the `Green Ray`. The gods are in possession of Vril and the use of the Third Eye and the light of the Black Sun courses through their bodies.
These gods are the divine ancestors of the Hyperborean Nordic Aryan race on earth.[Serrano, Adolf Hitler]

It is in my opinion no coincidence that Aryan man from the beginning of recorded history has exhibited a strong urge to explore and possesses a pioneering spirit that has forged empires and nations. In the 20th century this led to the beginning of man`s exploration of outer space. It would seem that it his strange and peculiar destiny to return to the stars, maybe to return to his former home beyond the Black Sun.

It is no coincidence either that the Black Sun consists of 3 swastikas and 12 Sig or Sol runes. The swastika, fylfot, Hakenkreuz or Thor`s Hammer is one of the most sacred symbols of Aryan humanity. The number 3 corresponds to the triune-trifidic-triad representation of deity and the dynamics of existence-Arising-Becoming-Passing Away to New Arising.
12 is an exceedingly sacred number in Aryo-Germanic lore and is reprsentative of the 12 holiest Germanic gods, the 12 months of the year and 12 houses of the zodiac, etc.
The Sig or Sol rune itself is the rune of victory.
Sol, sal, sul, sig, sigi, sun, sal-vation, victory[Sieg], column[Sauele], school, etc. An eleventh still I also know in the fight,when I lead the dear one: I sing it into the shield and he is victorious in battle he fares hale hither and hale home againhe remains hale everywhere. "Sal and sig!"-sal-vation and victory-[Heil und Sieg]. This millenia-old Aryan greeting and battle-cry is also again found in a variant form in the wide-spread call of inspiration: "alaf sal fena!" This has become symbolised by the eleventh sign of the futharkh as the sig-rune[victory-rune]: "The creative spirit must conquer!"
[Guido von List, The Secret of the Runes/Das Geheimnis der Runen]

Die schwarze Sonne spricht-
Vergiss dein Leid,
Es siegt das Licht.

The Black Sun speaks-
Forget your pain;
The Light shall triumph.

[Triumph and Tragedy, Florentine S. Rost van Tonningen]