Monday, 20 October 2008

Runic-Ogham Correspondences-Uruz/Ur

Elder futharc-Uruz
Anglo-Saxon futhorc-Ur
Younger futharc-Ur
Armane futhorc-Ur


Phoenetic value-u, v
Exoteric interpretation of name-That which is permament, lasting, good fortune, money, physician, medical help or healing powers, the aurochs.
Esoteric interpretation of name-Original cause, the root of all material and cosmic phenomena, the primal forming force, Audhumla, drizzle-the primal fertilizing essence, the transcendant, life after death, contact with the dead, Mother-God, the Creative Mother Principle.
Galdr[Edred Thorsson]
uruz uruz uruz

[L.E. Camp]
ur urus uras

Herb-sphagnum, moss
Tarot-High Priestess
Colour-dark green
Healing rune for liver, nerves, chest and lungs.[S.A. Kummer]

Runic body posture:
Bend over, arms and tips of fingers pointing to the ground.

Wotan`s Rune Poem:
Another I name, that all will need,
Who act as curing healers;
Know yourself, then you shall know the world,
And learn to discern between evil and its cause.
Old English Rune Poem:
Aurochs is fierce and high-horned/the courageous
beast fights with its horns/a well-known moor-treader,
it is a brave creature.
Norwegian Rune Poem:
[Slag] is from bad iron;
the reindeer often runs
over frozen snow.
Icelandic Rune Poem:
[Drizzle] is cloud`s weeping
and harvest`s undoing
and herdsman`s [object of] hatred.

Guido von List: "Know yourself, then you will know all!"

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