Thursday, 30 October 2008

Runic-Ogham Correspondences-Isa/Is/Iss/Idad

Elder futharc-Isa
Anglo-Saxon futhorc-Is
Younger futharc-Iss
Armanen futhorc-Is


Phoenetic value-i

Exoteric interpretation- The Self-Conscious "I"[Ich], the individual ego. Positivity, activity, will, self-domination, influence, personal power, magical power, power to banish evil.
Esoteric interpretation of name-World-ice that flows forth from Niflheimr, representation of anti-matter and when combined with the energy that flows from Muspellshiemr it leads to the formation of matter, the prima materia, the "black hole", the rune of attraction, gravity, inertia, entropy in the multiverse, unity in the universe, duration, magical powers, action in the cosmos.

Galdr[Edred Thorsson]
isa isa isa
[sssss iiiii]

[L.E. Camp]
is iis isa ich

Healing rune for illnesses of the blood, rheumatism, hardening of the arteries-used in conjunction with the Tyr-rune[Kummer]
Runic body posture: Stand upright, your feet touching, arms hanging down at the sides.

Wotan`s Rune Poem:
A ninth I sing, when peril at sea forces me
To protect my ship from the stormy waves;
The gale I quiet, as strong as it might be,
And cradle the waves to sleep.

Old English Rune Poem:
Ice is too cold and extremely slippery/glass-clear
it glistens most like gems/a floor
made of frost, fair in appearance.

Norwegian Rune Poem:
[Ice] we call a broad bridge;
a blind man needs
to be led.

Icelandic Rune Poem:
[Ice] is a river`s bark
and a wave`s thatch
and doomed men`s undoing.

Guido von List: "Win power over yourself, and you will have power over everything in the spiritual worlds that strives against you."

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