Saturday, 22 November 2008

Runic-Ogham Correspondences-Stan/Straif

Anglo-Saxon/Northumbrian futhorc-Stan


Phoenetic value-st

Exoteric interpretation of name-Stone. The bones of the earth, the ground beneath our feet.
Esoteric interpretation of name-Altar stone. A megalith standing at a place of power in the landscape. A playing piece in a board game. This rune creates a link between human beings, earthly and heavenly powers. It is a rune of power and protection but it can also act as a block to our progress.
Nigel Pennick in his Secrets of the Runes states that Stan can be used magically to block and stop opponents and assailants. He refers to a spell in the Lay of Hamdir by Odin:

Roared he as bears roar;
`Stones to the stout ones,
That the spears bite not,
Nor the edges of steel,
These sons of Jonakr!`

There is a strong link to the Ogham Straif which is the Blackthorn tree. This Ogham can also be used in attack and punishment.
Edred Thorsson in his The Book of Ogham refers to the Blackthorn being the `black rod` or blasting rod of malevolent magicians and witches.
Male polarity and the element of earth.

Trees-witch hazel, blackthorn
Herb-Iceland moss

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