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Runic-Ogham Correspondences-Sowilo/Sigil/Sol/Sig/Sail

Elder futharc-Sowilo
Anglo-Saxon futhorc-Sigil
Younger futharc-Sol
Armanen futhorc-Sig


Phoenetic value-s

Exoteric interpretation of name-Sun, victory, success, achieved goals.
Esoteric interpretation of name-The holy solar wheel, archetypal sun and light of the sun, magical will active in the multiverse, the chakras, the power of the lightning bolt, salvation by light, inspiration, soul.

Galdr[Edred Thorsson]
sowilo sowilo sowilo
su sa si se so
[sul sal sil sel sol]
us as is es os
so se si sa su

[L.E. Camp]
sa se si so su
asss esss isss osss usss
sal sel sil sol sul
sigil si-gi-il
sal und sig

Healing rune for long suffering nerve problems-used in conjunction with the Cross position[Kummer]

Runic body posture-In sitting position with bottom near heels, upper body shape as Is/Isa.

Wotan`s Rune Poem:
This I know as the eleventh, where far
I accompany my dear friend into combat;
I sing into the shield, so that he triumphs in the battle
And that luck and happiness surrounds him always.

Old English Rune Poem:
Sun to seamen is always a hope/ when they travel
over the fish`s bath/ until the sea-stead
brings them to land

Norwegian Rune Poem:
[Sun] is the light of lands;
I bow to holy judgement
Icelandic Rune Poem:
[Sun] is the cloud`s shield
and a blazing ray
and ice`s destroyer

Guido von List: "The creative spirit must conquer!"

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