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Runic-Ogham Correspondences-Mannaz/Mann/Madhr/Man/Muin

Elder futharc-Mannaz
Anglo-Saxon futhorc-Mann
Younger futharc-Madhr
Armanen futhorc-Man


Phoenetic value-m

Exoteric interpretation of name-Man, increase, masculinity, health, plenty, magic.
Esoteric interpretation of name-Spirit, truth, God-Man, male principle in cosmos. The mystery of the divine archetypal principle in mankind. The rune of intelligence, rationality, memory, tradition and the perfected human being, the God-man. The rune of Heimdallr who is the genetic link between Germanic man and the gods. It is the rune which describes the Germanic peoples as being the progeny of the gods, semi-divine beings. The rune of blood-brotherhood.

Galdr[Edred Thorsson]
mannaz mannaz mannaz
mu ma mi me mo
mun man min men mon
um am im em om
mon men min man mun

[L.E. Camp]
Ma me mi mo mu
ammm emmm immm ommm ummm
mam m m m mem m m m mim m m m mom m m m mum m m m
man mon men
Ma mad madr mathr
Mama mannas
Mimir Mamre

Colour-deep red
Healing rune for accidents and injuries-used in conjunction with the Is/Isa rune and for long-suffering nerve ailments[Kummer].

Runic body posture-Stand straight with elbows lifted up, forearms crossed in front of the face or behind the head.
Alternative rune form-Stand upright with both arms to the side and upward.

Wotan`s Rune Poem:
A fifteenth I know that Volkrast, the dwarf,
Sings early at the gates of dawn,
To strengthen the Aesir, to empower the Alves,
But to myself, Allfather, to gain wisdom.

Old English Rune Poem:
Man is dear to his kinsmen in mirth/yet each one
must fail the others/since by his judgement
the lord wishes/to commit
the poor flesh to earth.

Norwegian Rune Poem:
[Man] is earth`s increase;
the hawk`s grasp
is great.

Icelandic Rune Poem:
[Man] is man`s delight
and earth`s increase
and shp`s adorner.

Guido von List: "Be a man!"

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