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Runic-Ogham Correspondences-Laguz/Laukaz/Lagu/Logr/Laf/Luis

Elder futharc-Laguz/Laukaz
Anglo-Saxon futhorc-Lagu
Younger futharc-Logr
Armanen futhorc-Laf


Phoenetic value-l

Exoteric interpretation of name-Life, experience, testing, temptations, water, sea, leak, good management.
Esoteric interpretation of name-Test of life, relations. The life energy in the multiverse and the secret source of all organic life, the law of life[Old Norse log], layers of past cosmic and human action that govern the development of life forms, the primal waters of Niflheimr that contain latent potential life.
The sprinkling of water on the baby who considered worthy of life by his father is welcomed into the clan. This rune also governs another rite of passage at the end of life when one crosses the primeval waters to the realm of the dead. Viking ship burials demonstrate that this belief was prevalent amongst the northern Teutons.
The leek[laukaz] is symbolic of growth, phallic power and fertility. This rune also governs herbal magic.

Galdr[Edred Thorsson]
laguz laguz laguz
lu la li le lo
[lug lag lig leg log]
ul al il el ol
lo le li la lu

[L.E. Camp]
la le li lo lu
al el il ol ul
Laf; L-a-f
lagu lagus logr lagor laas
log log laug

Gods-Njordhr, Baldr
Colour-deep green
Healing rune for infections and skin diseases-used in conjunction with the Not-rune[Kummer].

Runic body posture-Stand upright, both arms downward, fingers pointing to the ground.

Wotan`s Rune Poem:
A fourteenth I sing to the assembled folk
While naming the divine names;
The Aesir and Alves and their various kinds
No one can list without learning.

Old English Rune Poem:
Water is seemingly endless to men/if they must fare
on a tilting ship/and sea-waves
frighten them mightily/and the sea-steed
does not heed the bridle.

Norwegian Rune Poem:
[Water] is that which as a stream
falls from a hillside;
but trinkets are golden.

Icelandic Rune Poem:
[Water] is a welling stream
and a wide gush
and fishes` seabed.

Guido von List: "First learn to steer, then dare the sea journey!"

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