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A Comparison of the Wiligut/von List Irminen/Armanen Runes-Man

Wiligut rune-Man

von List rune-Man

Wiligut: `Bound to the cross-form-the Rune "man" named....

Spirit-I, thought-begins the course of Life,

Awakens "germination" with hands upraised in Matter.

The germinating hand thus lifted to the head.`
[Secret King]

von List: `man, mon, moon[ma= to mother, to increase; empty or dead].

A fifteenth I tell, which Folk-rast the dwarf
sang before the Doors of Day
to the Ases[Aesir] for strength, to the Elves for might,
to myself to clear my mind.

In another sense, as in that of the well-known folk-tale, "the Man in the Moon" reveals himself in the fifteenth rune as a sanctified sign of the propagation of the human race. The primal word "ma" is the hallmark of feminine generation-"mothering"-just as the primal word "fa" is that of the masculine. Therefore, we have here "ma-ter"[mother] just as there we have "fa-ter"[father]. The moon mythic0-mystically serves as the magical ring Draupnir[Dripper], from which every ninth night an equally heavy ring drips[seperates itself], and which was burned with Baldr; that is, Nanna, the mother of his children, was burned at the same time as Baldr. According to mythico-mystical rules, however, nights always mean months, and so the "nine nights" mentioned above indicate the time of pregnancy. While the concepts of man, maiden, mother, husband[Gemahl], wife[Gemaehlin], marriage, menstruation, etc, etc are rooted in the primal word "ma"[just like the concept "moon", with which they are all internally connected conceptually], they nevertheless symbolize individual concepts reconnected into an apparent unity according to the principle of the multiune-multifidic multiplicity. So too is the conceptual word for this unity rooted in the primal word "ma" and expressed "man-ask" or "menisk", that is: man[Mensch]. Therefore-as a concept of unification-the word "man" is only of one gender[masculine], while the derogatory concept belongs to the third stage as a neutar*, to which we will return later. The fifteenth rune encompasses both the exoteric and esoteric concept of the high mystery of humanity and reaches its zenith in the warning: "Be a man!"

[The Secret of the Runes]

*Der Mensch-human, man.
Das Mensch-slut, ruined woman.

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