Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Comparison of the Wiligut/von List Irminen/Armanen Runes-Ans/Asa/Ar

Wiligut rune-Ans/Asa

von List rune: Ar


`The rune was called "ans" or "asa"-the "knowing one"...

Knowledge of discord-only this alone
Provides a wealth of thoughts, "Being" rich in perception.
Out of the "fire" Becoming perceived "creative Being"- `
[Secret King]

von List:

`Ar, sun, primal fire, ar-yans, nobles, etc.

I was the tenth, when through the air
ghostly riding-women fly:
when I begin that magic, they will fare
confused in form and effort.

The "ar", the "urfyr"[primal fire, god], the "sun", the "light" will destroy spiritual as well as physical darkness, doubt, and uncertainty. In the sign of the Ar the Aryans-the sons of the sun-founded their law[Rita], the primal law of the Aryans, of which the earn, or eagle[Aar], is the hieroglyph. It sacrifices itself, as it concentrates itself in a flaming death, in order to be reborn. For this reason it was called the "fanisk"* and later "phoenix". Therefore it is read as a symbolic hieroglyph when an eagle is laid on the funeral pyre of a celebrated hero to indicate that the dead hero rejuvinatingly prepares himself in death for rebirth in order to strive for a still more glorious future life in human form in spite of all the restrictions of the powers of darkness-all of which crumble before the "ar": "Respect the primal fire!"
*Fanisk: fan-=generation; -ask:[isk]= arising, beginning; therefore: Fanisk= the beginning of generation through rebirth. Fanisk later became the phoenix, and thus is the phoenix explained. Compare "Wuotan`s Rune-song": "I know that if I hung on a wind-cold tree."`

[The Secret of the Runes]

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