Sunday, 14 December 2008

A Comparison of the Wiligut/von List Irminen/Armanen Runes-Eis/Is/Ire/Iron

Wiligut rune-Eis

von List rune-Is,Ire, Iron


`The material Being of Spirit, the Life-Rune "eis"*...

* Eis, German "ice".`
[Secret King]

von List:

`Is, ire, iron[Eisen].

A ninth I grasp, when for me the need arises
to protect my ship on the ocean:
then I will still the storm on the rising sea
and calm the swell of the waves.

Through the "doubt-less consciousness of personal spiritual power" the waves are bound-"made to freeze"-they stiffen as if ice. But not only the waves[Wellen][symbolic of the will[Wille], all of life is obedient to the compelling will. Countless examples of the "ag-is-shield" of Wuotan, such as the "Gorgon`s Head" of the Athenians, the "Ag-is-helm", all the way down to the hunting lore and practice of causing an animal to "freeze"*, and modern hypnosis, are all based on the hypnotic power of the forceful will of the spirit symbolized by the ninth rune. Therefore: "Win power over yourself and you will have power over everything in the spiritual and physical worlds that strives against you."

*The magic of "making something freeze" in hunting lore and practice is substantiated as "hypnosis".`
[The Secret of the Runes]

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