Sunday, 14 December 2008

A Comparison of the Wiligut/von List Irminen/Armanen Runes-Eis/Is/Ire/Iron

Wiligut rune-Eis

von List rune-Is,Ire, Iron


`The material Being of Spirit, the Life-Rune "eis"*...

* Eis, German "ice".`
[Secret King]

von List:

`Is, ire, iron[Eisen].

A ninth I grasp, when for me the need arises
to protect my ship on the ocean:
then I will still the storm on the rising sea
and calm the swell of the waves.

Through the "doubt-less consciousness of personal spiritual power" the waves are bound-"made to freeze"-they stiffen as if ice. But not only the waves[Wellen][symbolic of the will[Wille], all of life is obedient to the compelling will. Countless examples of the "ag-is-shield" of Wuotan, such as the "Gorgon`s Head" of the Athenians, the "Ag-is-helm", all the way down to the hunting lore and practice of causing an animal to "freeze"*, and modern hypnosis, are all based on the hypnotic power of the forceful will of the spirit symbolized by the ninth rune. Therefore: "Win power over yourself and you will have power over everything in the spiritual and physical worlds that strives against you."

*The magic of "making something freeze" in hunting lore and practice is substantiated as "hypnosis".`
[The Secret of the Runes]

Saturday, 13 December 2008

A Comparison of the Wiligut/von List Irminen/Armanen Runes-Os/As/Ask/Ast

Wiligut rune-Os

von List rune-Os, As, Ask, Ast


`This lofty Rune-sign-it was called "os".

Being in creative primordial Matter,
formed from the Energy of germination
it is that, which creates the soul in Gotos` mutations...
"Nothing"-and yet primordial Matter,
its cycle permeated by the glow of Energy.`

[The Secret King]

von List:

`Os, as, ask, ast=Ase[ie., one of the Aesir], mouth, arising, ash, ashes.

A fourth still I know, when someone throws
my arms and legs into fetters:
as soon as I sing it, I can go forth,
from my feet fall the fetters
the hasp falls from my hands.

The mouth, the power of speech! Spiritual power working through speech[power of suggestion] bursts physical fetters and gives freedom, it itself conquers all conquerors, who only gain advantages through physical force, and it destroys all tyranny.* Therefore: "Your spiritual force makes you free!"

*In the struggle for existence, the people[Volk] who always remain lasting winners are those who develop themselves with the preservation of their moral force. With the disappearance of morality, higher spiritual and intellectual rank is also lost, as history-the "Final Judgement"-will prove.``

[The Secret of the Runes]

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Comparison of the Wiligut/von List Irminen/Armanen Runes-Ans/Asa/Ar

Wiligut rune-Ans/Asa

von List rune: Ar


`The rune was called "ans" or "asa"-the "knowing one"...

Knowledge of discord-only this alone
Provides a wealth of thoughts, "Being" rich in perception.
Out of the "fire" Becoming perceived "creative Being"- `
[Secret King]

von List:

`Ar, sun, primal fire, ar-yans, nobles, etc.

I was the tenth, when through the air
ghostly riding-women fly:
when I begin that magic, they will fare
confused in form and effort.

The "ar", the "urfyr"[primal fire, god], the "sun", the "light" will destroy spiritual as well as physical darkness, doubt, and uncertainty. In the sign of the Ar the Aryans-the sons of the sun-founded their law[Rita], the primal law of the Aryans, of which the earn, or eagle[Aar], is the hieroglyph. It sacrifices itself, as it concentrates itself in a flaming death, in order to be reborn. For this reason it was called the "fanisk"* and later "phoenix". Therefore it is read as a symbolic hieroglyph when an eagle is laid on the funeral pyre of a celebrated hero to indicate that the dead hero rejuvinatingly prepares himself in death for rebirth in order to strive for a still more glorious future life in human form in spite of all the restrictions of the powers of darkness-all of which crumble before the "ar": "Respect the primal fire!"
*Fanisk: fan-=generation; -ask:[isk]= arising, beginning; therefore: Fanisk= the beginning of generation through rebirth. Fanisk later became the phoenix, and thus is the phoenix explained. Compare "Wuotan`s Rune-song": "I know that if I hung on a wind-cold tree."`

[The Secret of the Runes]

Monday, 8 December 2008

A Comparison of the Wiligut/von List Irminen/Armanen Runes-Fa/Feh/Feo

Wiligut rune-Fa

von List rune-Fa


`Thus that Rune was called the Rune "Fa".

Germination had already split the "I" into Matter and Spirit.
Circulating in the workings of creationwithout beginning or end...
Despite discord there was unity-therefore by a wise hand.`

[Secret King]

von List:

`Fa, feh, feo=fire-generation, fire-borer, livestock, [Vieh], property, to grow, to wander, to destroy, to shred[fetzen].

The first promises to help helpfully
in the struggle and in misery and in every difficulty.

The root-word "fa", which is symbolized as the "primordial word" in this rune, is the conceptual foundation of "arising", "being"[doing, working, ruling], and of "passing away to new arising"-and so of the transitoriness of all existence and therefore of the stability of the "ego" in constant transformation. This rune conceals, therefore, the skaldic solace that true wisdom only lives for the evolution of the future, while only the fool mourns over decay: "Generate your luck and you will have it!"`

[The Secret of the Runes]

Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Comparison of the Wiligut/von List Irminen/Armanen Runes-Kaun/Ka/Kan/Kiel/Kon/Kuehn/Kein

Wiligut rune-Kaun

von List rune-Ka, Kaun, Kan, Kuna, Kiel, Kon, Kuehn,[bold], Kein[none], etc.


`Teut gave the sign of giving-called the Rune "Kaun".
The germ-the thought of light-now resting in Matter,
It now struggles for its essence and becomes a glowing fire....
Kindled these flames-into a fire, light of creation.`

[Secret King]

von List:

`A sixth is mine, if a man hurts me
with the root of a strange tree,
the ruin he threatened me with
does not hurt me but consumes him.

The "world-tree" Yggdrasil serves in the narrower sense as the Aryan tribal tree, beside which the tribal trees of foreign races are seen as "foreign trees". The runic concept "Kaun", "Kunna"[maid, eg, in [the name] Adelgunde] demonstrates the feminine principle in the All in a purely sexual sense. The tribe, the race, is to be purely preserved; it may not be defiled by the roots of the foreign tree. If it were nevertheless to happen, however, such would be of little use to the "foreign trees", because its "foreign scion" would grow to become its raging foe. Therefore: "Your blood, your highest possession."`

[The Secret of the Runes]

Saturday, 6 December 2008

A Comparison of the Wiligut/von List Irminen/Armanen Runes-Man

Wiligut rune-Man

von List rune-Man

Wiligut: `Bound to the cross-form-the Rune "man" named....

Spirit-I, thought-begins the course of Life,

Awakens "germination" with hands upraised in Matter.

The germinating hand thus lifted to the head.`
[Secret King]

von List: `man, mon, moon[ma= to mother, to increase; empty or dead].

A fifteenth I tell, which Folk-rast the dwarf
sang before the Doors of Day
to the Ases[Aesir] for strength, to the Elves for might,
to myself to clear my mind.

In another sense, as in that of the well-known folk-tale, "the Man in the Moon" reveals himself in the fifteenth rune as a sanctified sign of the propagation of the human race. The primal word "ma" is the hallmark of feminine generation-"mothering"-just as the primal word "fa" is that of the masculine. Therefore, we have here "ma-ter"[mother] just as there we have "fa-ter"[father]. The moon mythic0-mystically serves as the magical ring Draupnir[Dripper], from which every ninth night an equally heavy ring drips[seperates itself], and which was burned with Baldr; that is, Nanna, the mother of his children, was burned at the same time as Baldr. According to mythico-mystical rules, however, nights always mean months, and so the "nine nights" mentioned above indicate the time of pregnancy. While the concepts of man, maiden, mother, husband[Gemahl], wife[Gemaehlin], marriage, menstruation, etc, etc are rooted in the primal word "ma"[just like the concept "moon", with which they are all internally connected conceptually], they nevertheless symbolize individual concepts reconnected into an apparent unity according to the principle of the multiune-multifidic multiplicity. So too is the conceptual word for this unity rooted in the primal word "ma" and expressed "man-ask" or "menisk", that is: man[Mensch]. Therefore-as a concept of unification-the word "man" is only of one gender[masculine], while the derogatory concept belongs to the third stage as a neutar*, to which we will return later. The fifteenth rune encompasses both the exoteric and esoteric concept of the high mystery of humanity and reaches its zenith in the warning: "Be a man!"

[The Secret of the Runes]

*Der Mensch-human, man.
Das Mensch-slut, ruined woman.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Runic-Ogham Correspondences-Quaitra/Queirt

Gothic rune-Quaitra


Phoenetic value-qu

Exoteric interpretation of name-Cosmic fire.
Esoteric interpretation of name-Swirling flames of the ceremonial fire. Complete cleansing by transmutation of things from one state to another. The fifth element of alchemy.
This rune is the 25th of the Gothic alphabet of Ulfila which was based on the Gothic runes or Elder futharc.
Quaitra does not belong to any of the three aetts and incorporates the elements of all the other Gothic runes. It lies outside of the Gothic futharc and has no direct equivalent in the Elder futharc.
Equivalent to the Northumbrian rune Cweorth.
Inorporates all the elements and is of neutral gender.

Gods-Loge, Wayland

Monday, 1 December 2008

Runic-Ogham Correspondences-Wan/Irings

Medieval rune-Wan/Irings

Phoenetic value-no given sound.

Exoteric interpretation of name-Emptiness.
Esoteric interpretation of name-Ginnungagap, the yawning void out of which existence and solid matter arose.The element of Nwyvre which in the Northern tradition includes all the other elements of earth, water, ice, air and fire.