Monday, 27 July 2009

Wurd the Measurer[All-Raune] and the Sacred 18


By Dietrich, Grandmaster-KOR

Thanks to GRM for his scholarly works and fruitful personal discussions over the past year. They have been very helpful in my personal Rune-Armanist Weltanschauung - even if that was far from his intent! Also thanks to Heidrun and to Waldemar - who both encouraged me to put this to paper, even if only in a short article such as this. And of course, thanks to Karl for his translation of Gorsleben - the springboard for many things to come!

All too often in our daily lives, we make things a bit more complicated than they need to be. This is especially true in our religio-magical lives... However, the way that I believe will be perceived as controversial to some, perhaps a bit sacrilegious to others, but it is how I feel fits in best with my personal Weltanschauung and my own definition of Rune-Armanism. That doesn't mean that I am right and others are wrong, for this is merely my opinion - but it's my hope that others who share my point of view will want to explore it further.

We all know that the Germanic folk believed in the Gods and Goddesses of antiquity - Wodan, Thor, Freyja etc. But the Gods and Goddesses hardly completed the ancestors complex picture of things... Complimenting the Gods and Goddesses were two very important concepts known in Old Saxon as "Wurd" and "Metod" - "Fate" and "Time (the Measurer)". United with their Gods and Goddesses, this made up their exoteric religion. However, the Gods and Goddesses were subject to "Wurd" and "Metod" - something proven in the Edda with their demise at Ragnarok.

After Ragnarok, what then is left? "Wurd" and "Metod"... Something that always was and always will be. Something that was there before the Gods and Goddesses of the Germanics, and will be there long after...

In essence, "Wurd" and "Metod" (or "Wurd the Measurer", as I have come to call the concept), is far older than the exoteric Gods and Goddesses of Germania - hence it is the primal (Ur) religion of the Germanic people. It exists in every fiber of their being and will continue to do so, regardless of what religion the pan-Germanic folk delve into, be it Christianity or the re-discovery of the Germanic Folk religion of Wodanism, or the primal religion of the Aryan being that of the Vedas... Wurd the Measurer still reigns supreme. A look at the Germanic veneer on Christianity today confirms the fact that one cannot kill the deep set concept ingrained in the Germanic soul.

Is it a God-concept? Indeed, I think so. How can it not be? Wurd the Measurer controls the cosmic universe - not in the way of an omnipotent "God on a Throne" - but just as the concept suggests in a esoteric way... What is "wurded" (fated) to happen is "measured" to happen in time...

Being a God-concept, for simplicity's sake, what can it be called? Some may say "God" or "All-Fator". Some may say "Arahari" or "Arman". And some may say simply "Wurd The Measurer". Myself, I'd offer the term "All-Raune", the "Murmuring Origin of All that Is" - a Kahlic term that has many other Armanen-Runic connotations, some of which we'll briefly touch on in the next paragraph...

What is the Cosmic Symbol of Wurd the Measurer? I feel it is the World-Crystal, the All-Raune, the Hexagon with the three inscribed diameters, or the Hagall Rune. In this root-design, or Ur-form, you can easily find every Rune. Going back to the previous paragraph and the use of the name "All-Raune", the great Armanen Master, Rudolf John Gorsleben understood the Kahla (Kala) - as the modern-German word "Alraune" is the same as the English word "mandrake" - a plant whose root resembles a human - representative of the Ur-Germanic Human Pair, when thought of as a Man and Yr Rune within the All-Raune! From the middle-point of the All-Raune, rotates ("measures") the Cosmic Axis. This Cosmic Axis is essentially the Is-Rune, acting as a transmitter, sending the signals from the All-Raune, which we receive, as human beings, when we do our Sacred Rune-work, standing in the positions of the Sacred 18 Runes, murmuring their timeless songs and feeling their Ur-vibrations enter our bodies from the Cosmic Is-Axis, direct from the All-Raune.

Illustrating this concept:

Wurd the Measurer is purely a Pan-Indo-European concept with its root deep into the Aryan Vedas. Can it be controlled or changed? Work with your Runes! We all know the answer to that! The important thing to remember here is that just as the Runes are Ur-Primal, so is Wurd the Measurer. They both sprang from the same Cosmic Germanic Root.

But what of the Sacred 18 Runes? Aren't they Wodan's Runes? Indeed, read the Havamal and the 18 Stanzas corroborate this. Who would discount that? But Wodan gained knowledge that existed already - from Mimir's well. It is Ur-Knowledge, those Stanzas. So saying they are "Wodan's" (as I have said many times myself) is really not accurate... In fact, it is wrong. They have been around since the beginning of Time. Wodan taught them to the advanced Castes - think here of the ancient Aryans in India who "received" the Mantras of the Rgveda for a parallel - both were learned by those worthy and capable of understanding them... They sprang from the depths of time - and the concept of Wurd the Measurer (All-Raune) comes up...

So where does this leave us? Frankly, it leaves much room for esoteric exploration as well as exoteric exploration. For many exotericists who felt chained to "having to believe" a certain way, perhaps this will free them up a bit to explore a more simplistic (and indeed more "Ur-Primal") religious Weltanschauung. To the esotericist, the sky is the limit. I can assure you, dear reader, it will be a topic for discussion within the Knights of Runes.

To close this brief article, I simply want to share with you the words of Gorsleben, from "Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit" (as translated by Karl Hans Welz and published by the Knights of Runes), in speaking of the concept of the All-Raune:

With the introduction of Runic knowledge the generation of our days can achieve the control of secret powers within the life of their soul and reach the Spring-Root, which is the Whole of the Runes, the All-Raune, which opens all spiritual treasures to us, if we are Children of the Sunday, Children of the Sun, Children (“Kinder”) of the Ar (Eagle, Sun), announcers (“Künder”) of the Ar, people knowledgeable (“Könner” in modern German) of the Ar, Ar-koner, persons knowledgeable in the Ar-Kana (Arkana = arcane wisdom) or if we strive to become all of the above. The Runes have their own lives, they are true magical signs, from which we can draw the Spirit to Advise and the Courage to Action.