Friday, 25 December 2009

The Esoteric Meaning of Yule

It is recognised of course that Yule is an ancient pre-christian festival honoured by the ancient Teutonic peoples with cognate festivals amongst the other Aryan peoples.
This festival as with the other great festivals of the Teutons the christian church could not obiterate but hijacked and renamed `Christmas` and it is generally known by that term amongst the masses today who by and large never question the hybrid nature of the festival.
However even fewer understand the esoteric interpretation of Yule and it is the esoteric rather than the exoteric that we concern ourselves with here.
Traditionally Yule begins on the evening before the winter solstice, on Modraniht, the night of the mothers[2oth December]. Rudolf Simek in his Dictionary of Northern Mythoogy states "The Modraniht as a Germanic sacrificial festival should be associated with the Matron cult of the West Germanic peoples on the one hand and the disablot and Disting already known from medieval Scandinavian on the other hand and is chronologically to be seen as a connecting link between these Germanic forms of cult."
Simek also goes on to state that it was Odin rather than the Vanir Gods[as commonly supposed] that were venerated at Yule, drawing a link between one of Odin`s names, Jolnir and Jol[Norse term for Yule]. Yule is associated also with Odin`s Wild Hunt throughout all the Teutonic lands.
He concludes by stating "The etymology of the name of the Yule feast[ON Jol, Anglo-Saxon geohol, gehol] and the winter month;Anglo-Saxon giuli, geola, Gothic fruma jiuleis, ON ylir] has not been explained competely, but a derivation from `magic` `feast of entreaty` or similar ideas would be conceivable[Meringer].
The first day of Yule, 21st December coincides with the winter solstice when the amount of light is equal to the amount of darkness and thus represents a balance between light and darkness.
This brings to mind the divine brothers, Hodr and Baldr, the blind Hodr being a God of darkness and Baldr a God of light. Hodr slays[unwittingly according to some sources, wittingly according to others] his brother Baldr and thus precipitates Ragnarok. Prior to the death of Baldr there was harmony[according to most sources] between the two brothers. Baldr`s violent death caused a disruption in the natural and divine orders which can only be rectified by Ragnarok.
After Ragnarok both brothers are released from hel and reign with 5 other Gods, Vidar and Vali[the wons of Odin] and Magni and Modi[sons of Thor] and Hoenir over a new earth and a new cosmic order. With the reunification of these two Gods light and darkness have returned to their former state of balance and harmony.
There is a clear lesson in this for the Armanist spiritual warrior of today, that we must within ourselves achieve and maintain this inner harmony between light and darkness in order that we may function effectively and achieve our Godlike inheritance now and in the cycles of arising yet to come.

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