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Sig heil, the Aryan Greeting

Amongst the ancient Teutons it was customary to greet a fellow Teuton with the term `Heil!` or `Hail!` Indeed not only the Teutons but other Aryan peoples followed a similar custom. Often a stretched arm salute accompanied the verbal greeting.
`Heil` is related to the modern English word `whole` as in a `whole` person, someone who is mentally, physically and spiritually in balance. Whilst I am aware that this custom was politicised during the Third Reich it is nevertheless an ancient custom amongst our people.
The ancient Anglo-Saxons used the term `waes thu hael` which was contracted to `wassail` and also used as a drinking toast during their feasts. It survives unto this very day.
Often other words were linked together with `heil` such as `Sig`[cognate with the modern German `Sieg` meaning `victory`]-`Sig heil`[Sieg heil!]. Sig is also the name of an Armanen rune with the equivalents of `Sigel` in the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, `Sowulu` or `Sowilo` in the Elder Futharc, `Sol` in the Younger Futhorc and `Sauil` or `Sugil` in the Gothic runes.
The rune signifies victory, the power of the sun, the Goddess of the sun[Sol] or the "light of consciousness"[Runelore, Edred Thorsson].
Interestingly the swastika, the holiest sign of our people consists of 2 Sig runes, the Black Sun[Schwarze Sonne] consists of 12 such runes and may refer to the 12 zodiacal signs.
The Aryan salute or Der Deutsche Gruss often accompanied the verbal greeting and bears a similarity with the Armanen Ka/Kaun rune posture.
The "world-tree" Yggdrasill serves in the narrower sense as the Aryan tribal tree, beside which the tribal trees of foreign races are seen as "foreign trees". The runic concept "kaun", "kunna"[maid, eg., in [the name] Adelgunde] demonstrates the feminine principle in the All in a purely sexual sense. The tribe, the race, is to be purely preserved; it may not be defiled by the roots of the foreign tree. If it were nevertheless to happen, however, such would be of little use to the "foreign trees", because its "foreign scion" would grow to become its raging foe. Therefore: "Your blood, your highest possession." [Guido von List, Das Geheimnis der Runen]
The Ka or Kaun rune has an association with fire, especially with the fire of creation and thus is conceptually linked with the Sig rune.
In performing the asana for this rune the practitioner is drawing down solar energy within himself.
Regarding the Sig rune Guido von List states "Sal and sig!"-sal-vation and victory-[Heil und Sieg]. This millennia- old Aryan greeting and battle-cry is also again found in a variant form in the widespread call of inspiration: "alaf sal fena!" * This has become symbolized by the eleventh sign of the futharkh as the sig-rune[victory-rune]: "The creative spirit must conquer!"

* All solar salvation to him who is conscious of power! [able to reproduce]

Karl Maria Willigut states: "In the Al Gotos ` fire of spirit in matter demonstrates-
Through Energy the "sig-sal-sol-sun-rune",
and mastery of creation..."

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