Sunday, 18 April 2010

Rune Yoga

The Runes take years of study. It is an unending process but I have come to the firm belief that it is a process that we must engage in on a daily process. The aspiring Rune Master must not only study the Runes and the various futharcs and futhorcs but must internalise the Runes.
This can be achieved by meditation and Rune Yoga. Rune Yoga consists of the bringing together of 4 spirital disciplines: visualisation, correct breathing tecnniques, the vocalisation of runic mantras and the performance of the Rune stave shapes. Daily practice quickly becomes a part of one`s daily routine and the Runester can feel the benefits of this almost straight away in terms of physical fitness, better health, mental calm and internal balance and a closeness with the Germanic Gods and Godesses.
Through the mastering of this spiritual discipline the Rune Master can then begin to almost effortlessly use the Runes not just for dvination but for magical practices.
There are five works in particular that I can recommend to my readers:

Futhark by Edred Thorsson
Rune Might by Edred Thorsson
The Nine Doors of Midgard by Edred Thorsson
A Handbook of Armanen Runes by L.E. Camp
The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Runes by Nigel Pennick

In addition to daily Rune work we also must not neglect to honour the Gods and Goddeses and keep as a minimum the 8 main festivals of the year which are broadly comparable to those kept within the Celtic tradition. I will discuss these festivals in some detail in a future article.