Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Descent of Spirit into Matter and its Subsequent Ascent

In Listian Armanen lore there is the concept of arising to becoming to passing away to new arising which I have discussed before on these blogs. This is a form of reincarnation which is limited to the race, the tribe and the clan which one can find if a careful study of the literature from and about the prechristian Germanic and Celtic peoples is engaged upon.
This concept is discussed in detail in Das Geheimnis der Runen by Guido von List[English translation and introductory and biographical material added by Stephen E. Flowers, PhD in The Secret of the Runes].
This concept was further developed by Karl Maria Wiligut[see Secret King by Stephen E. Flowers, PhD].
His concept is illustrated in the "Irmin-cross" used by Wiligut which shows sprit descending in to matter. This is the vertical movement. The horizontal movement shows the impulse towards form and life. Where these two movements intersect consciousness, form and life arises. This idea is also represented in the Not Rune-the turning of Need.
Aryosophy and Theosophy recognise that the destiny of the Aryan Fifth Root Race is to evolve back into pure spirit. Spirit descends into matter in order to experience, learn and develop and then to return back to pure spirit.
This is the destiny of our race and the individual man-god who is part of that race.

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