Sunday, 20 June 2010

Lunar Origins of the Aryan Race

It has only been in recent years that scientists have been starting to conclude that the Moon is in fact older than the Earth and may not originally have been a satellite of the earth but a planet of greater significance than the earth.
This truth was already known for thousands of years by the great adepts of the Aryan race and openly discussed by Aryosophists, Theosophists and Anthrosophists.
In Die Religion der Ario-Germanen Guido von List states "Now, the Secret Doctrine says that the Moon was the father of the Earth, and in a state of torpor-much like that of death-it shriveled up and became smaller than the earth and was forced to follow along in the orbit of the Earth as its satellite, and it gave up its developed inhabitants to the Earth and these form the race of men here on the Earth in contrast to those formed from the earthly animal kingdom."[Trnaslation by Dr Stephen Edred Flowers-The Religion of the Aryo-Germanic Folk].
He goes on to talk further about this lunar humanity:"These spirits descended from the Moon-these lunar ancestors-whom the All-Father incarnated into the bodies of those created by the other two Ases[Hoenir and Lodur] to form the human race, and for this reason Mannus, the Moon, is called the Progenitor of humanity."
It may be recalled that Tacitus refers to a Mannus as being the progenitor of the Germanic peoples in his Germania:"In ancient lays, their only type of historical tradition, they celebrate Tuisto, a god brought forth from the earth. They attribute to him a son, Mannus, the source and founder of their people, and to Mannus three sons, from whose names those nearest the Ocean are called Ingvaeones, those in the middle Herminones, and the rest Istvaeones."[Germania 2.2]
These of course are the three great divisions of the ancient Germanic peoples; their division into three being significant and reminiscent of the tripartite Aryan system.
Mannus also has a cognate amongst the Aryan Hindus where he is called Manu and is again regarded as the progenitor of the Aryans.[See The Laws of Manu]. Again from Manu the three Aryan castes have their origins just as Mannus create three Germanic divisions.
I must emphasise that Mannus or Manu is an Aryan progenitor and according to the lore of the ancient Aryan peoples and the teaching of Dr Joerg Lanz von Liebenfels in his Theozoology the other human races are the result of a bastardisation of Aryans[original humans] and other inferior species which brought about the current racial divisions of humanity and will explain both the difference and similarity in DNA.

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