Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Sign of the Hammer

The sign of the hammer is one of the most sacred if no not the most sacred symbol in our holy Germanic faith and the sign of the hammer should be made prior to any magical or spiritual activity.

The "All-Gods Form of Hammer-Signing" involves facing north, standing straight with a settled breathing rhythm and visualise a glowing mass of golden-white energy above your head which begins to form the holy sign of the trifos or triskelion. Reach out with your open right hand towards this light and grasp it from its centre.

Then make a fist and move this down to your forhead, visualising a column of energy being brought down and intone the name of the God Tyr or Tiw. Allow one fifth of the energy to fill your forehead and then bring your fist down to the top of your sternum, again visualising that you are drawing down the energy with your fist and intone the name of the God Odin, Woden or Wotan.

Again you are drawing one fifth of the energy into this area. Continue now to your solar plexus, intoning the name of the God Thor, Thunor or Donar. Then after having allowed one fifth of the energy to be drawn in to your solar plxus move your fist to your left shoulder, taking the energy with you and leaving one fifth there and intone the name of the Godess Freyja or Freo. The finally move your fist to your right shoulder and leave the remaining energy there and intone the name of the God Freyr or Frea.

Detailed instructions may be found in Edred Thorsson`s The Nine Doors of Midgard and A Book of Troth and Temple of Wotan by Ron McVan. These books are highly recommended by the author of this blog.
Things and people may be hallowed by making the hammer sign in the air using the index finger or hand, moving downwards then unde across to the left and then towards the right.

Edred Thorsson makes the interesting point in his Gildisbok that the making of the hammer sign was stolen by the Christians from the heathen Germanic peoples to make the sign of the cross and used in a similar way to make their own blessings.