Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Ehaz/Algiz/Eolh,Madhr/Man Rune-The Correct Form in Which to Petition the Germanic Gods

How did the Germanic peoples petition their Gods and Godesses? According to Edred Thorsson in Futharc they did so in adopting the stance of the Rune stave Elhaz or Algiz, the 15th Rune of the 24 Rune Elder or Common Germanic Futharc and the 15th Rune known as Eolh of the 29 Rune Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and the 33 Rune Northumbrian Futhorc.

In the 16 Rune Younger Futharc it occupies the 14th position and is known as Madhr. In the 18 Rune Armanen Futhorc it occupies the 15th position and is known as Man. There is a link between Elhaz and the Gothic word alhs which means sanctuary or a protected grove or enclosure which has been dedicated to the Gods. Edred speculates that Alcis, the name of the divine twins reported by Tacitus in Germania may be related to the Rune name Algiz. In Edred`s words: `Elhaz is the power of human life and "spirit" striving toward the world of the Aesir.`

The Rune is also representative of the world tree, Yggdrasil or Irminsul and thus symbolises a connection between the Gods and Germanic man. When petitioning or speaking to the Gods this is the stance that we should adopt.

The Armanen Man Rune represents the God-Man, the male principle in the cosmos.
How refreshing it is for the Germanic man or woman of today who after hearing the call of the blood realises that we stand almost as equals to the Gods-almost. Not as powerful in the earthly and human incarnation but we represent the seed of new Gods who will follow, children of Woden and Thunor and all the Germanic Gods and Goddesses who are nothing other than our divine ancestors. We are their children. A child does not cower before his or her parents but with reverence and love stretches forth his or her arms towards them. By contrast the followers of the angry and psychotic desert tribal god of Judaism, Christianity and Islam cower before their god adopting a subservient posture-not so with Germanic man who is a God-Man[or woman!] in the making.