Sunday, 1 May 2011

The All-Father and His Subdivision

All the Gods and Goddesses are but aspects of the All-Father who is Himself a revelation of the Absolute, the unknown, unknowable, unrevealed, impersonal and immaterial God.
This Urgott is androgenous but in order to experience He/She/It must first divide Him/Her/Itself into male and female, to become a divine dyad. Spirit must condense and become spirit/matter,soul/body,light/darkness,day/night,heat/cold,fire/water etc.

We find that the Gods obtain their divine consorts[Wuotan/Frigga,etc].
The dyad subsequently becomes the triad. Throughout the Eddas we find that All-Father Wuotan/Wotan/Woden/Odin is often accompanied by two other Gods:

The Aesir gives form to humanity and lower intelligence but it is Wuotan alone who grants spirit,soul that imparts to them the divine ray. This triad is also present in the three Norns-Urda, Verdandi and Skuld. We also see this replicated in the Listian concept of Arising-Becoming-Passing Away to New Arising.

The three most holy ones subdivide into the heptad, represented by the 7 planetary spirits:
Sun-the Urfyr[pimaeval fire], All-Father symbolised by the empty circle, representing not only the sun but eternity. This is the central and most important celestial body, without which there can be no life in this physical and material plane of being and becoming.

Moon-Mani/Mannus/Manu-the progenitor of Aryan humanity-the only true humanity which originates on the moon which is considerably older than the earth.
This system replicates itself in the days of the week-

All the Aryan peoples have a continual reminder about the legacy of their ancient and ancestral Gods in the days of the week. There are of course seven colours in the spectrum of the rainbow but we must remember that three of these-blue, yellow and red are the most important and only true colours. The other four merely mark transitional phases in the spectrum. We find this concept also in the idea of the three most important Gods-Wuotan and the other two[who of course vary in identity].
Ariosophy speaks of seven elements-fire, water, air, earth and aether. The sixth and seventh elements will not be revealed until the emergence of the sixth and seventh Root Races.

There are 7 Goddesses of love-Gefion, Snotra, Siofna, Loba, Wara, Syna and Fene.
The seven must be viewed as the division of the white light into the seven-leveled spectrum of the rainbow. Also in music tones rise along seven levels to a higher octave.

There are also seven Root Races and humanity is currently at the end of the fifth Aryan Root Race and is preparing itself for its higher spiritual evolution into the sixth Root Race. Man will start to ascend back into spirit, away from matter. The heptad further divides into the twelve High Holy Gods of the North, referred to in the Eddas and respresented by the 12 signs of the zodiac, the twelve months of the year and the twelve halls of the Gods.