Sunday, 23 October 2011

Wotans Krieger Recommends: `Woden` Edited By Troy Southgate

`Woden` is volume four of an exciting new series of books edited by Troy Southgate-`Thoughts & Perspectives`.
It consists of 11 powerful essays by 9 contributors including Wulf Ingessunu[also recently published in `Northern Traditions`], Offa Whitesun and Troy Southgate of Woden`s Folk. Other contributors are Dr KR Bolton, Mark Mirabello[author of The Odin Brotherhood],Eowyn[Odinic Rite], Mariella Shearer, Osred[author of Odinism, present, past and future]and Bjorn Grimgal.
This is one of the most powerful books on the subject of the Germanic God Woden/Wotan/Odin that I have read in a long time and managed to finish reading the entire book in just a few days. For me one of the most exciting essays[they are all powerful and inspiring] was Dr Bolton`s `Woden As Archetype The Carl Jung Essay` which draws together all the threads which connect Dr Jung`s work on Wotan, his correspondence with Miguel Serrano and the mystical Wotanist experiences of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. This essay must be read and reread!
It is also good to see Wulf Ingessunu`s work beginning to reach a far wider audience and I thank Mr Southgate for that.
Please Mr Southgate I would like to see further published work on the subject of the Germanic people`s primary deity!

Monday, 17 October 2011

A Personal Mystical Vision of the Runes

Last Friday I had an unusual experience when the vision in my left eye was affected. At the time I thought that I might be going blind but a subsequent medical examination revealed it to be an ocular or retinal migraine.
When I closed my left eye I could see a bright fiery ring, a semi-circle in fact and within the rim of this semi-circle I could clearly perceive a sequence of runes.
I blinked and closed my eyes and the same thing happened again.
After several days of reflecting on this stange episode I was reminded that the great Rune Lord Himself, Woden, our All-Father sacrificed an eye in order to gain the wisdom of the runes. We should remember that Woden did not `invent` the runes: they did not originate with Him for they are in a sense timeless. They revealed themselves to Him whilst He hung suspended on the world tree in an apparent shamanic trance state.

"I know that I hung, on a wind-rocked tree, nine whole nights, with a spear wounded, and to Odin offered, myself to myself; on that tree, of which no one knows from what root it springs.
Bread no one gave me, nor a horn of drink, downward I peered, to runes applied myself, wailing learnt them, then fell down thence."
[Poetic Edda, Havamal 140-141]

It is more than possible that whilst in this state Woden was deprived of some if not all of his normal 5 senses and he may have perceived the runes in His `mind`s eye`.

Woden sacrificed an eye to the well of Mimir in exchange for wisdom:

"The owner of this well is called Mimir. He is full of wisdom, because he drinks the waters of the well from the horn Gjoll every morning. One day All-Father came and begged a draught of this water, which he obtained, but was obliged to leave one of his eyes as a pledge for it."
[Prose Edda]

The runes are inextricably linked with the acquisition of wisdom and they have an existence which is independant of the Gods.

The great Rune Master Guido von List received the revelation of his Armanen Futhork whilst in a state of blindness which lasted 11 months following a cataract operation in 1902. Interestingly his 18 rune Futhork is compatable with the 18 rune stanza poem in Havamal, known as the Runatal.