Friday, 16 March 2012

Cweorth, the Fyrfos in Motion

Cweorth, the 30th rune of the Northumbrian Futhorc and one of the so-called Grail Runes has a significant connection with the fyrfos, the swastika both graphically and conceptually. Cweorth in effect forms one half of the fyrfos and whilst in motion clearly resembles this holy symbol. Motion is also the key to this rune for it signifies the swirling ascending flames of the ritual hearth fire, itself a microcosmic representation of the creative fire of the cosmos.

We know that the ancient God Mundilfari, the father of both Sol[the sun] and Mani[the moon]used the fyrfos as a fire whisk to whip the elements of the cosmos into being. It is by fire that the universe was made manifest and it will be by fire that it will be destroyed.

Cweorth liberates the spirit from the captivity of matter through the flame of the funeral pyre, allowing the spirit of the godman to ascend upwards to the realms of Ljosalfheim and Asagard to be reunited with the racial folk-soul for either human rebirth or advancement in spiritual realms. Cweorth conceptually is the opposite of Nauthiz/Nyd/Not for it brings about transformation and purification. Its relationship with the Ogham Quert is indicative of its pre Celto-Germanic Aryan origin, a container of the one of the four Grail mysteries and treasures.