Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Hammer of Thunor and the Generation of Vril

The Hammer is the most ubiquitous of our holy symbols, so much so that these days it is often worn, possibly most often by the profane, those not of our faith. I have misgivings about the popularity of the Hammer. On one level I am pleased that it is gaining ground against the crucifix for this is a cosmic war in which we are engaged:a war not only of a physical but of a spiritual and psychic nature and there is always an advantage in having a weight in numbers. The Axis was in need of such numbers between 1943-1945 and lack of numbers cost it the war.

However the increasing pupularity of this symbol amongst those outside of the Cult of Woden risks it losing the power that it currently generates. Because of this I have over the last year or two attempted to substitute the wearing of the Hammer with other symbols, including the closely related Axe which is of course a variant of Mjolnir but I continue to be mystically drawn to the Hammer symbol. This should not be surprising for when we consider that the Fyrfos or Swastika is but a Hammer in flight then we realise that Mjolnir is more than just a Hammer: it is a variant of the most sacred of our ancient Aryan symbols. The Hammer or Fyrfos represents the [apparently] revolving sun, an object which was deified by the Aryans from the very beginning. It is part of our sacred Ur-heritage.

From the time that our ancient pre-christian ancestors hailed the rising sun with an outstretched right arm the sun has remained as a mysterious numinous entity in the Collective Unconscious of the Aryan peoples. In Skaldskaparmal in the Younger/Prose Edda Snorri Sturluson clearly refers to Mjolnir being forged from iron. This should not surprise us for the ancients understood that iron is an excellent conductor of electricity and from Mjolnir proceeds the lightning that both destroys and creates.

The power to create and destroy was in the hand-literally of Thunor who at one time occupied a position superior to that which He occupied at the time of the composition of the Eddas. Significantly Elsa-Brita Titchenell in that great aryosophical work, The Masks of Odin states:

"The Hammer of Thor is Mjolnir[miller], the pulverising force that destroys as well as creates. It is the electric circuit which always returns to the hand that sent it forth. Symbolised by the Swastika, either three-or four-armed, it represents whirling motion, the ever moving power which never ceases while anything lives in time and space."

She goes on to explain that Thunor`s iron belt forms the circuit of electrical current, his steel gloves represent the duality of negative and positive polarity and his sons Magni[strength] and Modi[force] suggest cosmic poles of electricity or magnetism, love and hate. Unlike the posers, followers of Woden regard Mjolnir as a talisman and also a holy symbol, not as a piece of jewellery so we must give some thought as to the ideal construction and properties of a Mjolnir talisman.

In recent years it has become possible to purchase inexpensive Mjolnir pendants forged or cast from Iron or Steel. Iron in particular has a rough, rugged and primitive character that takes us back to the Iron Age of our Folk. Indeed archaeologists have recovered Mjolnir pendants made from Iron which are remarkably well preserved.

Akin to electricity is the relatively unknown force which we term Od, Wod or Vril and I believe that through the daily wearing of an iron or steel Mjolnir amulet the Woden initiate will be able to focus his ability in the attraction and circulation of Wod throughout his body whilst performing Rune Yoga exercises. We should also remember that the original Hammer of Thunor was not made of iron but stone.

In my article *Perkunos-The Original Name of the Northern European Thunder God[Aryan Myth and Metahistory-12/8/12] I stated: "These Thunder Gods all carry an axe or a hammer. The Baltic and Slavic Thunder Gods are generally seen with an axe which my readers will know from earlier articles is a much older weapon than the hammer and Thor`s hammer developed from this. Also the first axes were made of stone and this is reflected in the etymology of hammer which originally meant `stone`. The antiquity of the northern European Thunder God is also reflected in the Baltic and Slavic names which are derived from PIE *peru which means `stone`. Amongst our ancestors an association between the Thunder God and the stone axe was made in the concept of thunder falling to earth in the form of a stone axe." Clearly the concept of the Thunder God`s Axe or Hammer goes right back to the Stone Age, the very Ur-Zeit of the Aryan peoples. The wearing of the Hammer is thus in itself a sacred and magical act.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Complete Armanen and The Untold Story-a Review

I have today completed my reading of The Complete Armanen and The Untold Story by the `55 Club`. For some reason the author has chosen to remain `anonymous` but then signs off with a personal name at the end of the work which I find rather confusing. The book is a collection of Armanist texts, many of which are rare and not previously translated into English. It is by its very nature not "complete". A change of title would be adviseable. Extracts of essential texts from Guido von List, Siegfried Adolf Kummer, Rudolf John Gorsleben, Karl Maria Wiligut, Friedrich Teltscher, Werner von Bolow, Karl Theodor Weigel and Miguel Serrano. The author is to be congratulated and thanked for producing this much needed work and it is hoped that there follows a second volume. The English speaking Germanic heathen world needs to be more acquainted with Armanist teachings. However despite this I have a few misgivings about the way in which these teachings have been presented. The book works well in those parts [which are the majority] where the author is simply presenting the original works translated into English and that is where the author`s contribution should have stopped. Many times I have purchased Wodenist/Wotanist/Odinist books authored by Americans and I find that all too often the language which they use is crude and simplistic as if the authors were writing in the same manner as they spoke and this is a very big mistake if one wishes to reach out to an intelligent and often non-American audience. Also I find the very crude racialist ranting off-putting. The author needs to take into account that the majority of people who purchase his books are likely to already have a folkish Weltanschauung and do not need to constantly read racial epithets littered throughout the text. There are some spelling and grammatical errors although these are very few indeed when one considers that this is a self-published work. I would strongly advise that The Complete Armanen be edited to remove anything which is not attributed to the original Armanist contributors. I believe strongly that one can be proud of his or her racial heritage without unnecessarily constantly demeaning other races. Indeed the Aryan takes the higher ground when he refrains from such behaviour. This is a lesson that we all have to learn-including myself. Lastly I find the constant references to `Mother Church`, christ and christianity rather grating. Many years ago when I used to post on Internet forums I coined the term `Pilgrim Fathers` Complex` to explain the inherent difficulties faced by folkish European-Americans who tried to explain the world in racial terms but still clung to the coattails of their jewish monotheistic christian religion. It is as if they like a young child cannot make that break, that they cling to the maternal apron. Unfortunately this book contains far too much christian apologetics for my personal taste. The early Armanist masters have much to teach us but they were to a certain extent[as we all are] a product of their time and we need to take this into consideration when we read their works. Armanism is a valuable spiritual discipline but it needs to be purged of its semi-christian theology. In `The Round Table` one member is noticeable by their absence: Savitri Devi. She was after all the precursor to Miguel Serrano and the real originator of Esoteric National Socialism. She should replace Francis Parker Yockey in any future reprint. Yockey is out of place in a work such as this. Over all I would award 4 out of 5 stars for this product for the above-stated reasons.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Blood Purity-a Necessity for Spiritual Awakening and Mastery

Time after time I have warned the readers of my blogs of the necessity of maintaining the purity of their racial blood lines, a sacred trust and an inheritance from our distant ancestors but also a duty to our yet unborn linear descendants. Blutschande is the most serious crime that an Aryan can commit against his race and folk and I hope that one day this crime will be recognised as such and punished accordingly once our peoples recover their freedom from the zionist yoke. The servants of the Demiurge lord of darkness understand that in this cosmic war in which we fight that our strongest possession is our blood or DNA as it is less prosaically termed, and they will do everything in their power to encourage Rassenmischung for by this process we destroy ourselves without a single gun being shot. It is the greatest form of treason that an Aryan could commit. By engaging in Blutschande they are spitting in the faces of their Folk, their ancestors and descendants, condemning the latter to eternal shame and disgrace. Therefore in the words of Der Meister Guido von List I appeal to my readers:"Your blood, your highest possession." Racial purity is the greatest gift that our ancestors have bestowed upon us and it is the most precious bequest that we can endow upon our descendants. For within the blood of the Aryan there lies the sacred quality of divinity. The Aryan is no mere human animal: we are nothing less than children of the Gods. However eons ago in our deep past a great crime was committed: the crime of Blutschande between the Aryan who at one time was the only human race so called, and the beastman resulting in the degeneration of our race but the upward improvement of the Untermensch. This activity now is actively encouraged by the dark lord`s minions for they know that if they can weaken us physically they can weaken us mentally, psychically and spiritually and the Aryan-the only and final bulwark against zionist world dominion will be crushed for all time. If they succeed the earth will eventually cease to exist and life will be extinguished. Psychic power and spiritual advancement are unavoidably connected to biological purity. The Aryan lost his psychic abilities when he engaged in Blutschande and caused impurities to creep into our Holy Graal blood pool. This is the real and underlying message in the story of Parsifal as interpreted by Wilhelm Richard Wagner. Today awakened Aryan man awaits his Parsifal who is the renewed embodiment of the Germanic God Woden, His spear being that of the Allfather`s-Gungnir. Parsifal will come and the tide will be turned against the desert God`s hordes. His forerunner did come in 1889 but the outer non-German Aryan world which was heavily under the yoke of the cosmopolitan tribe of international bankers resisted Him and His message of salvation. He was never destined to succeed in His mission but He recognised that after Him one should come: "I have seen the man of the future; he is cruel; I am frightened by him". It is He who will right all wrongs, halt and indeed reverse this period of involution which is against nature and thus antinature or unnatural. Nature seeks division into separate species and subspecies for it is through this process that evolution or upward improvement may occur. Rassenmischung is therefore antinature and unnatural. It will be halted! Through the science of Aryan man which is currently in its infancy we will use genetic engineering to remove the biological damage that has been inflicted upon our blood pool and begin the task of producing the Uebermensch of the future! To quote from Miguel Serrano via The Complete Armanen: "Between 1914-1918, during the First World War, in the great crisis of the Kali Yuga, or Age of the Wolf, there was an overturning of the sympathetic system of Aryan peoples. This made possible the coming of the Avatar, Hitler, a premonition of the future Kalki" He goes on to discuss the presence of a special additional nerve bundle present amongst those of Aryan blood which is not to be found in other races which makes the Aryan capable of psyhcic and spiritual advancement, an ability which he once had to the full before the fall of Atlantis. Today the awakened Aryo-Germanic man may achieve spiritual mastery and greater awakening via the practice of Rune Yoga.