Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Quest of the Aryan Vira-Escape From the Eternal Return

The awakened Aryan realises that he is a vira, a hero-warrior of semi-divine origins who has an obligation to fight in the greater spiritual war that has engulfed the planet and the solar-system. The Aryan initiate is a would-be Sonnenmensch who seeks to escape the damnable Eternal Return, to achieve individuation, the stage of absolute personality so that on physical death the integrated personality survives and travelling up the invisible Irminsul through Iring`s Way reaches the void of the Black Sun, the Schwarze Sonne[SS], the ancient immobile sun, the point of origin for the divyas who arrived on this planet millennia ago prior to their mixing with the "daughters of men". We will have escaped the limitations of our humanity and become as Gods. This is the destiny of the awakened Aryan but only the awakened as this requires effort-not belief or `faith`, which is the great christian lie.

Charlemagne or Karl the traitor as I prefer to call him may have destroyed the physical Irminsul but the invisible one-the real one remains and one finds its location at the point of the North Pole, the land of the Hyperboreans-the divyas. This Irminsul is the Irminsul in macrocosm. There exists in microcosm in each Aryan an invisible Irminsul which occupies the same space as the spinal column. Through the practice and mastery of the principles of Rune Yoga the initiate can achieve altered states of consciousness and full awakening via the realisation of the Ich-the I as symbolised in the Isa Rune.

We have in this a teacher, a master-Woden, the Lord of the Runes who by His sacrifice of Himself to Himself rediscovered the lost Runes, that body of lore which had been lost by the divine divyas prior to their degeneration. For nine nights He hung upon the world ash-the Irminsul. On each of these nights He visited each of the nine worlds and acquired knowledge. In other words He activated each of the nine chakras, the swastika wheels which represent these worlds and states of consciousness. Each of these swastika wheels is governed by a Rune and its mantra must be mastered. There are five elements involved in Rune Yoga: breathing techniques, visualisation, meditation, the mantra and the Rune form itself. The master is able to engage in all five disciplines simultaneously.

Through this process we are able to achieve personal awakening and the the awakening of the Blood Memory or what Jung called the Racial Collective Unconscious. Most of our people fell asleep long ago and have become little more than robots or cardboard cut-outs destined to keep returning in the Eternal Return and learning nothing each time. They have effectively lost their semi-divine status and will never achieve awakening. Woden knows those who belong to Him and He has called us out to fight in this great war.

The robots are cannon fodder, foot soldiers for the demiurge Jehovah, the evil lord of this world. Scientists are predicting that within a decade or two the polar icecaps will have melted. If this does take place-and it has many times in the past then I predict that archaeologists will make great discoveries as the lost civilisation of the Hyperboreans comes to light.

For those interested in the subject of the polar origins of Aryan man I can recommend Tilak`s Arctic Home in the Vedas, originally published in 1903. Recently his work has been re-examined by Professor M.M. Ninan in Tilak and the Aryan Origins: Are his findings still valid? Not only does the professor support Tilak`s theory but he provides additional evidence via modern scientific techniques not available to Tilak.

It is significant that in the Eddas there is reference to the 12 major Aesir who daily sit in council, the ancient Greeks knew 12 major deities that likewise took council on Olympus. We also know of the 12 knights of the Round Table under the leadership of Arthur or Ar-Thor, an ancient Aryan sun deity. No doubt the 12 signs of the zodiac also represent the houses of these deities. The major Gods have the primary task of offering leadership in the great war and are guardians of the invisible Irminsul and Iring`s Way[the Milky Way]. These guardians are prefigured in the 12 Sig runes of the Black Sun. The Irminsul may be imagined to take the form of Gungnir the spear of Woden or the lance of Parsifal, pointing the way towards the swastika constellation, behind which is hidden the Black Sun. Irmin is strongly identified with this column and He is cognate with Aryaman, Airyaman, Ariomanus, Eremon and the Germanic hero Hermann or Arminnius.