Saturday, 23 February 2013

Gar, Woden-Parsifal`s Graal Rune

The Gar Rune, the 33rd Rune of the Anglo-Saxon[Northumbrian] Futhorc lies outside of the four aetts. When the Runes are positioned around a circle Gar is central to all the other Runes. It is the beginning and end of the Runes and serves to seal magical formulas. Gar which means `spear` in Germanic represents both the spear of Woden, Gungnir[also beginning with the letter g] and the holy lance of the sacred Aryan blood carried by Parsifal. The Proto Germanic origin of this word is gaisaz and a cognate of this word also appears in Old Irish as gae which suggests a Celto-Germanic shared concept. The spear was a symbol of Germanic kingship and was used to dedicate the offering of the soon to be slain enemy to either Woden or Tyr as the Gods` share of the spoils of battle. On the world tree Woden dedicated Himself to Himself as the supreme offering. This concept hearkens back to the idea of an Aryan Hyperborean Kristos, the eon of the Hanged God as symbolised in the twelth trump of the Major Arcana. This is the third Graal Rune and its secrets were withheld for many centuries by the Rune Masters only to be revealed in the late 8th or early 9th centuries CE. In Irish mythology we learn from the Second Battle of Mag Tured that the spear was transported from the Atlantean city of Gorias and became the spear of Lug, the Celtic version of Woden. This was one of the four hallows of the divine Tuatha De Danann, the Celtic Aesir. I believe that there is a significance to the geographical location of this Rune`s unveiling, in the white island of Albion-England, a precious possession of the English folc, a special part of our previously lost Wodenic lore. Gar contains within its shape 4 cardinal directions-Niflheim in the north, Muspelheim in the south, Jotunheim in the east and Vanaheim in the west. Above we have Asgard, below this Ljossalfheim. Below we have Svartalfheim and below this Hel. Midgard occupies the central point of the Rune. It is in Midgard-in the here and now that the cosmic interplay of divine and human forces works out the Wyrd of the Norns. The Gift of Ing, the gift of genetic inheritance. The operation of Woden`s spear and Parsifal`s lance in the enclosure of Albion.

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