Saturday, 9 February 2013

Wotans Krieger Recommends Vernal By Johan Maesser

Vernal by Johan Maesser is published by Nuevo Milenio and is available via the Lulu website to purchase. This is a rare work indeed, an Aryosophical and Hyperborean work which takes as its subject matter the survival of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich and their escape to an underground world in the pristine white and untouched continent of the Antarctic. The Fuehrer prepares the surviving Polar Reich for the final onslaught of the zionist-American forces. Whilst a battle is waged between the Reich`s Vril-powered Haunebu saucer craft and American ships and planes an esoteric struggle is fought above between the light forces of the Schwarze Sonne and the zionist forces of death, decay and destruction. One interesting passage from Vernal is of particular merit: When questioned about the necessity for engaging and continuing to fight an apparently lost war Hitler replies: `"For religion", he answered, "For the sacrifice of the sons of the sun. The Great War was the battleground on which the warriors of the Reich sacrificed themselves so that they could be born again. They will thus reincarnate as pure Aryans when the final day comes and we retake the earth.The Einherjar, the Wotanic soldiers, the Last Battalion, Wildes Heer. The war was a sacrifice for the German warrior to transform himself through death."` In my opinion this was the most moving part of the whole work and gives inspiration and hope to the Aryan warrior of today as he struggles against the forces of darkness and atrophy in the dark age of the Kali Yuga. Please purchase this work and support the ongoing work of its worthy publishers!

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