Saturday, 9 February 2013

Wotans Krieger Recommends:Alu,An Advanced Guide To Operative Runology

I have just completed my reading of Edred Thorsson`s latest work, Alu, An Advanced Guide To Operative Runology. Unlike any of his previous books this one focuses on an analysis of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, both individually as isolated Rune staves but also in `dryads`, pairings of the Runes which occur throughout the Futhorc. The book consists of just five chapters: Grounding in Knowledge, Lore of the Futhark, A Theory of Operative Runology, The Practice of Operative Runology and Rune Workings. Thorsson builds on his earliest work-Futhark but offers fresh insights. There are intriguing appendices on Runic Dryads, Triadic Rune-Names and Grail Mythos in Old English Runes? Practical advice is offered on creating Bind-Runes, Rune-Gazing and Spear-Casting. In addition to his very welcome focus on the use of the Anglo-Saxon Runes for the first time [which he says should be the first Futharc/Futhorc of choice when it comes to writing in modern or Old English] he also places Runic magical practice in an Indo-European context. I hope that Edred Thorsson/Dr Stephen Edred Flowers will continue to get his works published via new outlets now that Runa Raven press has ceased operations.

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