Saturday, 30 March 2013

Migration Age Schwarze Sonne Brooches

There are some who believe that the Schwarze Sonne or Black Sun incorporated into the floor of the Obergruppenfuehrersaal at Schloss Wewelsburg was simply a `made up` or modern esoteric symbol. I am posting some images here of migration age Alemannic sunwheels to show just how wrong these sceptics are. They were often worn as protective amulets by Germanic women and sometimes featured a swastika in the centre. These days the symbol is used by esoteric Aryanists to symbolise the hidden sun which will materialise and replace the golden sun after the climax of the calamity of Ragnarok or the Kali Yuga. Whilst the Sonnenrad[Sunwheel] or Swastika represents the current and visible golden sun the Black Sun is that which we draw psychic energy from as Aryans and we await its visible manifestation. It is from the Black Sun that Aryo-Germanic man draws his inner vitality and power. It also symbolises his origins as well as his destiny.

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RanA Ulfa said...

This is really interesting. Posting subjects like this keep some little hidden parts of history going. The old books you often mention out of print are hard to find also, and this blog highlights things updated.