Saturday, 28 September 2013

Isa, the Key to the Awakened Self of the Arya

In the practice of Rune Yoga the it is imperative that the Isa/Is/Iss Rune is mastered first for it is the key to all the other Runes. If mastered correctly it will unlock the mysteries and powers of the other Runes, regardless of which Futhark or Futhorc you choose to work with.

This is particularly emphasised in Siegfried Adolf Kummer`s Heilige Runenmacht, referred to in Edred Thorsson`s Rune Might, which I highly recommend. When first practicing rune yoga it is recommended that you spend 14 consecutive days mastering this rather simple posture whilst drawing down power from above and up from below whilst singing the iiiiisssss or iiiiiiii mantra. One should face north and the pitch of the mantra should rise from a low one to a high one when drawing energy upwards and from a high one to a low one when drawing energy downwards..

The continuing practice of both the asana[runic form] and the mantra[runic sound] along with visualisation of the rune and the channeling of energy at the same time is essential. The use of correct breathing techniques must be employed. The system I use involves the inhalation of oxygen for a span of 5 seconds, followed by the holding of the breath for 3 seconds, followed by exhalation of breath for 5 seconds and then the further holding of breath for 3 seconds. On inhalation visualise the drawing down and upwards of energy along the length of the body, allowing the energy to meet and then circulate in  the Solar Plexus[the Manipura Chakra], associated with the Swastika and the dynamic energy centre of the body.

One must learn to bring together correct breathing techniques, the asana rune form, the rune mantra and visualisation of the rune and movement of energy into a single act or discipline for the magic to be effective.
I also try to concentrate on the basic revealed meanings of the rune at the same time so making concentration a fifth aspect to the practice. So to summarise rune yoga involves the following 5 techniques:

.Correct breathing.

.Runic asana form.

.Runic mantra.



The mastery and continuing regular practice of Isa will confer the benefits of strengthening the ego and consciousness of the self, leading to self-mastery. It brings clarity and focus. There is an etymological and conceptual link with iron. Modern English iron, Old English isaern, Old Saxon isarn, Middle Dutch iser, Old High German isarn and Modern German Eisen all derive from the Proto-Germanic *isarnan which in turn leads back to Proto-Indo-European *isero[holy, powerful] and *eis[strong]. Both iron and ice are cold, strong and unyielding but both can melt under the power of fire. Before we can attempt to master others we must first learn to master our-self.

According to Edred Thorsson in Futhark Isa is the ice which flows forth from the north-Niflheim. It is antimatter and when combined with the energy which flows from the south-Muspellheim it leads to the formation of matter-Midgard.

Isa represents absolute stillness, lack of vibration and concentrated absolute contraction.[See Thorsson`s Runelore.] Isa is the I-the unique Self which as Arya we must awaken and develop. The practice of this runic asana and mantra is the building block of this process.