Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Hyperborean Origins of the Four Hallows

I have in the past written extensively on all three of my blogs about the connection between the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and the four Hallows or treasures of the Tuatha De Danann. See in particular The Four Sacred Treasures of the Tuatha De Danann[31/12/09] and The Graal Runes of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc[10/2/13, Celto-Germanic Culture, Myth and History blog.]

The Tuatha De Danann as Miguel Serrano points out in Nos. Book of the Resurrection[recently republished by the 55 Club]:

"Tuatha De Danann: In Irish tradition, they are the Aesir of Norse legend, the divine ancestors who descended from the stars, the Hyperboreans."

Anyone who has made a comparative study of Germanic and Celtic mythologies will not need me to tell them of the close parallels between the families of the Tuatha De Danann and the Aesir-Vanir, not only in function[Lugh-Woden, Nuada-Tiw] but also in name [Taranis-Thunar (Thunder) ]. This goes beyond a shared Indo-European legacy but a more specific Celto-Germanic one. It is significant that even the DNA of the Celtic and Germanic peoples tends to be dominated by the R1b Y chromosone haplotype, unlike the eastern Europeans Aryans, the Slavs and Balts who tend to be of the R1a type, suggestive of an ancient branching off from the R1 Ur-chromosone. This is in my opinion indicative of a different series of migrations from our original ancient Thulean Ur-Heimat. Even the type of Indo-European languages we speak[Germanic, Celtic, Greek, Tocharian and Italic-centum languages, whilst Baltic, Slavic, Armenian, Iranian and Indian- satem languages is suggestive of this. The centum-satem division is thus reflected in the R1b-R1a division.

This makes it sheer nonsense in trying to differentiate Germanic from Celtic DNA-much to the chagrin of both Celtic and Germanic purists and deniers of the Aryan concept!

It is through the study of the various northern European Indo-European mythologies-Germanic, Celtic, Baltic and Slavic that I hope to throw some light upon our shared Aryan past, something which should be of importance to all folkish people.Comparative mythology, linguistics and genetics are the tools in our arsenal.

It is particularly interesting that the four Hallows or treasures; the Spear of Lugh, the Sword of Nuada, the Stone of Destiny and the Cauldron of the Dagda are said to have arrived in Ireland/Eire [land of the Arya] from the Tuatha`s[Teutons`?] Ur-Heimat of Tir nan`Og which according to Stevin L. Akins in his The Lebor Feasa Runda, "disappeared into the depths of the ocean in the space of a single day and night when the waves of the sea overtook it..." One is reminded of the story of the destruction of Atlantis in Plato`s Timaeus and Critias.

It is my intention to complete a detailed study of the four Hallows in conjunction with the Anglo-Saxon runes, dedicating an entire article to each Hallow, something which has not yet been attempted.

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Eagle, Swastika and Oakleaves, Potent Aryo-Germanic Symbols

The Third Reich was the product of carefully presented Aryan symbolism which created a reaction in the Collective Unconscious or the Blood Memory of the German Folk. The runes and swastika were ubiquitous.
As I have said before one symbol is worth 1,000 words and this was certainly the case in Germany of the 1930s. In addition to runic symbols the following were preeminent in the Third Reich:

.The swastika.

.The eagle.

.The Aryan salute.

The Third Reich was not the only racial state in history if one takes into consideration the examples of Sparta and India but it could be argued that it was the only consciously racial state in European history. One could of course cite the example of Aryan India being consciously racial but this falls outside of the geographical scope of this article which is Europe.

Because Germany was a racial state it used racial, not merely political symbols. Political symbols do not speak to the archaic Blood Memory as racial symbols do. The communication between the symbol and the Blood Memory is of course unconscious. This is why and how millions of politically apathetic and probably non-National Socialists and indeed even anti-National Socialists were politically energised into being good and loyal National Socialists. They were not consciously National Socialist and little understand its purpose let alone its esoteric and religious nature.

"Do you understand now the profound significance of our National Socialist movement? Whoever sees in National Socialism nothing but a political movement does not know much about it....It is even higher than a religion: it is the will to create mankind anew."[Adolf Hitler]

What countless speeches and the publication of Mein Kampf failed to achieve arcane symbols accomplished and this was of course known to the hierarchy of the National Socialist movement. By `hierarchy` I am not referring to the visible leadership but the behind the scenes influences of the invisible hierarchy.

Let us consider the two symbols of the swastika and the eagle combined, often but not always with oak leaves. The swastika as my readers will be aware is an ancient Germanic and an ancient Aryan symbol. It is to be found amongst all Aryan peoples and those parts of the earth where the Aryan has had a cultural influence. Those of little knowledge would assert that it is purely an `eastern` symbol and has its origins in the east. The truth of the matter is the oldest known swastika[pictured above] found to date is from Mezin in the Ukraine, one of the theoretical original homelands of the Aryans. This swastika dates to around 10,000BCE and is carved on mammoth ivory.

The swastika is both a solar and a polar symbol. Indeed its polar symbolism is more ancient than the solar. When the Aryans resided as one people around the Arctic[Arctic] the revolution of the Pole star would have implanted the image of the swastika into their blood memory and they took this polar symbol whereever they went in their separate migrations. Forgetting its original polar nature they substituted it for a solar one.

The swastika or fylfot as it is known in Germanic culture is reckoned by many scholars to be a symbol of the hammer of Thunor:

"The Anglo-Saxons worshipped the thunder god under the name of Thunor. Memories survive here and there, like the title of High Thunderer, used for the Christian God in a tenth-century charter of Edward the Elder. We have many instances of the swastika symbol from Anglo-Saxon graves of the pagan period, and it is particularly prominent on cremation urns from the cemeteries of East Anglia.[Gods and Myths of Northern Europe, H.R. Ellis-Davidson, 1964]

"Both the swastika and the hammer symbol are found on stones bearing early runic inscriptions in Norway and Sweden, and some of these call on Thor to protect the memorial and the place of burial.[1964] 

"Yet we know the extent of his worship  in the north, and the mark of the swastika or hammer on cremation urns and memorial stones suggests that he afforded his protection to his worshippers in the realm of death as in life." [1964]

Likewise the eagle has also a connection with Indo-European Thunder Gods.

 "The Eagle is the symbol of royalty, power, authority, victory. Among the Greeks it symbolised supreme spiritual energy. Zeus is attended by an eagle."[Ancient Pagan Symbols, Elisabeth Goldsmith, 1929]

The Armanists were quick to realise this connection and they related the eagle to the Ar rune:

 "The `ar`, the urfyr[primal fire, god], the `sun`, the `light` will destroy spiritual as well as physical darkness, doubt, and uncertainty. In the sign of the Ar the Aryans-the sons of the sun-founded their law[Rita], the primal law of the Aryans, of which the earn, or eagle[Aar], is the hieroglyph."[Secret of the Runes, Guido von List]

 "Our Order is a Germanic Order, loyalty is also Germanic. Our God is Walvater, his rune is the Ar rune. An the trinity: Wotan, Wili, We is the unity of the trinity. The Ar-rune signifies Aryan, primal fire, the sun and the eagle. And the eagle is the symbol of the Aryans."[Rudolf von Sebottendorff].

"The a-Rune, Ar, Aar[eagle], the Eagle of the Sun, nobleman, Aryan, Arman, the Son of the Sun, Aar-fire=primal fire, the Son of God. Harmony=Ar-mony. Ar=acre[field]. Ar-Arahari, the spiritual Sun;Arimann, the Sun-Man, the Aryan. The Ar-Rune is also the rune of the healer, the physician[Arzt]. Numerical value 10."[Siegfried Adolf Kummer]

"AR is the Sun Rune: Ar-aar=eagle, Aryan, nobleman, Arr=master, H-ar=the High One, Har-istos=the Highest one. Or, Ar in all languages is still Sun and gold, the golden heir of the gold-hair-Sun, the Aryan."[Rudolf John Gorsleben]

The combination of the swastika with the eagle is thus a highly potent combination of two ancient Aryan symbols which both have a connection to the Indo-European Thunder/Sky/Storm deity which we know as *Perkunos in Proto-Indo-European and as *Thunaraz in Proto-Germanic. The eagle has also been a symbol of Germany for over 1100 years. The Third Reich often also combined the eagle and swastika with oak leaves, another ancient German symbol and also connected with Thunor. The oak is Germany`s national tree and the oak was sacred to Thunor:

"The Aryans of Europe worshipped the Oak which was sacred to the gods of fertility and thunder. In Greece and Italy Zeus and Jupiter were oak-gods."[Goldsmith]