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The Black Sun[Die Schwarze Sonne] in Eddic Mythology and Fairytale

The Black Sun, known as Santur in the Irminist Weltanschauung of Karl Maria Willigut [1866-1946, also known as Jarl Widar, Karl Maria Weisthor and Lobesam] is the companion or binary star of our current active sun and should be regarded as a Counter-Sun, which was once active until the time of Homer, who referred to it as Hyperion[meaning `the High Wanderer`]. It then lost its struggle to the current sun and became dark, a Black Sun. This ongoing struggle between Santur and the active Sun which we may call Sol or Sunna has been going on for millions of years and at one time two suns would have been visible in the sky. Santur was the sun which was present at the time of the seeding of our Hyperborean Aryan Nordic race at the North Pole. [See The Arctic Home in the Vedas by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, 1903].

Consequently the energies of this Black Sun were responsible for the formation of the psyche of Aryan man. The rays from this sun may still be received today by the Aryan initiate through the practice of various spiritual disciplines such as Rune Yoga, meditation and auto-hypnosis. Wiligut refers to Santur in Charm 27[Halgarita Sprueche]:

"Sunur saga santur tvo
Sintyr peri fuir sprueh
Wiligoti haga tharn
Halga fuir santur tvo."

 The preservation of our biological purity and the practice of Rune Yoga will help us to regain seemingly lost arcane knowledge. Nothing is ever truly lost; all can be recovered through trance and dream work providing we do not desecrate our divine blood lines. Aryan man alone is the true and original representation of the God-Man, the most authentic representation of man, apart from the beast man. Our enemies today would have us to forget our divine origins by engaging in the racial sin of miscegenation. This is the real hidden motive for the assault upon our Aryan homelands by the alien.

Two essential texts which should be on the bookshelves of all Aryosophists are Rune Might by Edred Thorsson and Nos, Book of the Resurrection by Miguel Serrano, recently republished by the 55 Club.

Our current active sun will soon become passive and dormant before it is eclipsed by Santur, which will again become active. At the time of its reactivation Aryan man will enjoy a new Golden Age and experience the next level of his upward evolution after our current temporary involution has ceased. This is prophesied in the Voluspa:

"The sun turns black, earth sinks into the sea,
the bright stars vanish from the sky;
         steam rises up in the conflagration,
         a high flame plays against heaven itself."[verse 57, Larrington translation]

Benjamin Thorpe`s translation is a little different and he numbers this verse as 56 in his version:

"The sun darkens, earth in ocean sinks, fall from heaven the bright stars, fire`s breath assails the all-nourishing tree, towering fire plays against heaven itself."

This verse tells the darkening of the current sun but this is only the prelude to the remergence of the current inactive Black Sun in our skies:

"Elf-disc will bear a daughter,
           before Fenrir assails her;

           she shall ride, when the Powers die,

           the girl on her mother`s paths." [Vathrudnirsmal 47, Larrington translation]

The Thorpe translation:

"A daughter shall Alfrodull bear, ere Fenrir shall have swallowed her. The maid shall ride, when the powers die, on her mother`s course."

Both versions name Fenrir, the slayer of Sol but we know from Girmnismal 39 that the wolf  which pursues Sol across the sky is called Skoll and the one which pursues Her brother Mani is Hati:

  "Skoll a wolf is called who pursues the shining god
             to the protecting woods;

            and another is Hati, he is Hrodvitnir`s son,

            who chases the bright bride of heaven."[Larrington]

"Skoll the wolf is named, that the fair-haired goddess to the ocean chases; another Hati hight, he is Hrodvitnir`s son; he the bright maid of heaven shall precede."[Thorpe]

The two things that Fenrir and Skoll have in common is that they both are said to swallow a deity. This portrays in poetic language the eclipse of Sol by Santur. This antangonism between the two suns is also mirrored in the story of the contest between Loki and Utgard-Loki via his servant Loge in the Prose Edda book, Gylfaginning.

The myth of the swallowing of the sun by a wolf is also to be found in folklore, in particular in the European fairytale which Grimm titled Rotkaeppchen or Little Red Riding Hood in which Rotkaeppchen`s red clothing is symbolic of the sun.


Rayne SheWolf Night^^ said...

Interesting read. I want to mention that the earth might've had two moons in prehistoric times, scientists are saying. There is a picture on a runestone called "Thorwalds Cross" at the Isle of Man showing Fenrir. Why did Woden raise this demon wolf? The idea of eclipses to wolves eating the sun and moon is a clue about spirituality.

Wotans Krieger said...

The ways of Woden are to a large extent unfathomable. However there is a saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer still". There may be an element of this thinking in the Gods` decision.
However we must also recognise that without darkness there can be no light.The cycles of the ages govern all things,men and other sentient beings including what we know as `Gods` who should be considered as rays of the Absolute.
Thus the Gods must change,ie transform also.The idea of `God` being `unchangeable` is a semitic concept.Just as the brave pre-xtian Germanic warrior did not cling in an absolute sense to life because he knew of his continuation in Walhalla.Likewise the Arya/Sonnenmensch knows that his task is completed over many lifetimes.So Woden had no sense to `fear` the wolf-He is beyond such human emotions and considerations.
He knows that He will continue in Widar,the Avenger who some consider to be the Kalki Avatar-the xtians unthinkingly refer to this as the second coming of their xrist.