Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Krueckenkreuz Symbol

We know that there is a direct connection between the fyrfot and the hammer of Thunor. This connection is further intensified when we we reflect on the lesser known symbol of the Krueckenkreuz or crutch cross. This symbol can be traced back to neolithic times as a petroglyph. Walther Blachetta in Das Buch Der Deutschen Sinnzeichen [1941] regarding this symbol states:

"Vier Taukreuze, also vier Haemmer Thors, find zum Rechtkreuz vereinigt."

"Four Tau crosses, thus four Thor`s Hammers, joined together as a law cross."[Wotans Krieger`s translation].

Blachetta`s use of the term Rechtkreuz is a reference to the concept of the Holy Vehm as revealed by Guido von List. This Armanist symbol was popularised in the early 20th century by Joerg Lanz von Liebenfels as the symbol of his  Aryan Ordo Novi Templi [Order of the New Templars] from 1907 onwards.

The symbol of four Thunor`s hammers forming a cross may be found on Alemannic broaches during the Voelkerwanderungenzeit [ Age of the migrations of peoples]. It stands for the divine power of procreation.

Closely related to the Krueckenkreuz is the Krueckenrad which is more or less the same symbol but with eight Thunor`s hammers joined.

"Es ist mit dem Siegel der Acht sehr eng verwandt, aber hier find noch staerker als dort die acht Taukreuze, die Hammer Donars, herausgearbeitet."

"It is very closely connected with the Seal of the Eight, however here it is found yet more strongly carved out than there as the eight Tau crosses, the hammer of Donar."[Blachetta  is comparing this symbol to the one immediately preceding it which is called Das Siegel der Acht [the Seal of the Eight]. 

The Krueckenkreuz  has become a fairly ubiquitous symbol in the European Neofolk music scene. It is in effect a hidden straightened up fyrfot or swastika and as such its public use and display may be a useful means of communicating with the sleeping Blood Memory of unawakened Aryans that we may encounter on a daily basis. The exposure of our race to symbols is far more potent than the use of mere words. When debating with the unawakened we will only encounter resistance and opposition due to years of enemy propaganda but the manipulation of symbols enables us to get around this and speak directly to the Unconscious. Anyone familiar with Leni Riefenstahl`s Der Triumph des Willens will understand the truth of this. However the enemy is aware of this also and this is why he tries to ban the use of any Aryan or Germanic symbol in Germany or Austria that may have a potent effect upon the sleeping Volk.

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