Thursday, 10 April 2014

Rune Hand Mudras and the Ar Rune

I have been a practitioner of Rune Yoga for quite a few years now, mainly focussing on the Elder Futhark and the Armanen Futhork, although I intend to extend this practice also to the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and Younger Futhark shortly. One thing until recently which I have neglected is the use of hand Mudras which supplement normal Rune Yoga. Indeed it can at times be a suitable alternative as the adoption of a Mudra may be done at any time and in place with little attention been drawn to the practitioner. Also for those of us who are getting older it may be a little easier to use unless like me you suffer from a hand tremor!!

Useful information about Mudras may be found in Edred Thorsson`s The Nine Doors of Midgard and also in Siegfried Adolf Kummer`s Runen-Magie, translated by Edred as Rune Magic so I do not intend to repeat the very same information here. One particular Mudra however may be used also as a secret sign of recognition between Armanists and Esoteric Wodenists and that is the Mudra for the Ar Rune.

Kummer has this to say about the Ar Rune:

"The a-Rune, Ar, Aar (eagle), the Eagle of the Sun, noble-man, Aryan, Arman, the Son of the Sun, Aar-fire=primal fire, the Son of God. Harmony=Ar-mony. Ar=acre (field). Ar-Arahari, the spiritual Sun; Arimann, the Sun-Man, the Aryan. The Ar-Rune is also the rune of the healer, the physician (Arzt). Numerical value 10.

Regarding the hand Mudra itself:
"......the Ar-Rune hand-sign which is performed right-handed and with the thumb bent downward as far as possible. Here through singing the a-a-a sound particularly electric energies are accumulated in the hand, so that the Runer feels a fine tingling and a gentle pricking in the thumb, the base of the thumb, and the hand center; the outstretched fingers begin to vibrate lightly. Thoughts or inner meditations are focused on receiving Ar-Fire and Solar powers. This sign particularly affects the forces of life, in a rejuvenating and strengthening manner. Drawing the power into the body produces a strong effect on the solar plexus. The astral color is silver-grey to bright grey-green."  

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