Thursday, 30 October 2014

Otto Rahn's Thoughts on the Rose Garden

I recently discussed the Armanen concept of the Rose Garden as representing the nursery of our race. The red rose is symbolical of our Ario-Germanic race, the red symbolising its vital and sacred blood. I also pointed out the analogy to the red beard of Donar who is the germinating power of our race. The red rose on a white background is an ancient heraldic symbol of Deutschland, the white representing the realm in which the Armanen initiates ruled. There are many mediaeval German legends that are connected with the central legend of Das Nibelungenlied including the southern German legend of the dwarf King Laurin and his Rose Garden.

Significantly Otto Rahn in his Lucifer's Court (1937) refers to this legend with reference to the God Donar:

"The buck and rose were sacred to the god Donar-Thor. I must ask, is Thor the brother of King Laurin, who spanned his Tyrolean rose garden with a silk thread to stop all unworthy intruders? If Thor is Laurin's brother, who was at home in those German lands, which gave a life that lasted a thousand years, did he travel a clear road to a fiery mountain? According to Wolfram von Eschenbach, Laurin said to King Dietrich von Bern: 'You still have fifty years to live, and you would also like to be a strong hero. Nevertheless death will overcome you. Yet know that my brother at home in German lands is able to give a thousand-year life. You need only choose a mountain that is ablaze inside. Then you will be akin to eathly gods!"

Rahn has more to say in his book about this connection:

"I know of three rose gardens. The second was near Worms, somewhere near the remains of the monastery of Laurisham-Lorsch, near where we find a memorial for the victims of the world war. Siegfried is also said to rest there, if this godlike warrior was a man of flesh and blood. In fact, the designation rose garden was commonly used in earlier times for a cemetry. As I only recently became aware, such a rose garden and cuttings from a rose hedge were 'essential to a ritual consecrated to the thunder god Donar-Thor for the cremation of the dead by firethorn.' In this way, the bodies of our dead pagan ancestors were turned to ash in a blazing fire of rose thorn, and Donar-Thor was the rose garden's divine lord."

The rose garden was guarded by "twelve heroes of the Rhine, one of whom was Siegfried" (Rahn).  Kriemhild, the wife of Siegfried had invited the great hero Dietrich von Bern (Theoderic the Great) with twelve other warriors to compete with Siegfried, the winner receiving a rose and a kiss from her. The winner of this conflict was not Siegfried but Dietrich. 


QK said...

I am extremely interested in the Armanen Runes, without some of the racist-infused commentary that permeated earlier works on them. I am looking for an English language translation of the book by Karl Spiesberger, "Runenmagie: Handbuch der Runenkunde". I would LOVE to know where, or how, to get a copy. If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it!

Wotans Krieger said...

There is no substitute for learning to read German. The effort will open up new doors for you.

QK said...

Wotans - while learning German is certainly something I would love to do someday, right now, that's not a realistic goal for me. My short term goal is to simply find an English version, and if there isn't one, maybe find someone who would be willing to do the translation for me...?

Wotans Krieger said...

There is no shortcut to knowledge and wisdom:it must be earned and that requires a commitment in time and energy, a sacrifice that we must offer unto the Gods. The Gods give us nothing unless we earn it first. Our Gods do not deal in the xtian notion of 'grace': their favours must be earned. If you are eager to aquire the knowledge of the German Armanen Rune Masters you must do them the courtesy of learning the language. Daily effort for 2-3 hours per day over one year will give you the basis for starting to understand German. The problem with the majority of people living in the Kali Yuga is that they want and expect something for nothing or they feel that knowledge can just be bought. This a prevailing sickness. Recognising this is the first step that you must take on a very long path.

QK said...

I understand the spirit behind your comment, but sense a little presumption that I am one of those who wants "something for nothing," or thinks he can "buy" knowledge. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Perhaps those 'Gods' who seek such effort and sacrifice from me will provide food and clothing to my wife, 4 children and others who depend on me for their sustenance, and take care of doing the laundry, feeding the animals, mowing the yard, and all the other things I do with all my 'free time'?

I have spent, and continue to spend numerous hours praying, meditating, reading and studying to increase my spiritual knowledge and wisdom. But to suggest that I must learn to speak and read a specific language to "earn" the wisdom of the Gods presumes that they selected German as "THE" language. And if that be the case, I don't think that's the kind of wisdom I am seeking anyway.

I do appreciate the input though. Many Blessings...

Wotans Krieger said...

You cannot have one without the other.To know the Armanen Runes you must accept that it is Woden who is the Lord of the said Runes and that it is in German that the Rune Masters wrote. Your raft of excuses indicates to me that you are not worthy to receive this knowledge.