Sunday, 13 September 2015

Further Reflections on the Wolfsangel

The Wolfsangel or Wolf-hook rune is one of the 8 mediaeval runes, identified by Nigel Pennick (The Complete Illustrated Guide to Runes, 1999)  which do not belong to a runic aett.

The exoteric interpretation of the name-the wolf-hook is that of an ancient iron weapon used to catch and kill wolves. It was also used as a wall anchor; it maintained order, preventing the spreading of walls and the collapse of the building. The esoteric interpretation of the name indicates that the rune channels magical energy for human use. It binds and obliterates all harmful influences. This rune was used as a protective device featured in central European heraldry and as a personal magical sigil.
The reader will notice the similarity in shape to the Armanen Gibor rune. It has a female polarity and its element is earth. Its tree is the yew, the related herb is the wolfbane, its colour is red and the God associated with it is Vidar, the coming God who will inspire and lead the Germanic and Aryan resistance to the current New World Order which is nothing but a corrupt and decaying Old World Order.

Interestingly, very recently amulets depicting the Wolfsangel in a circle of runes have been made commercially available on the Internet along with tee shirts too. The Wolfsangel also features as a series of Viking era works of fiction by M.D. Lachlan (I have not read these books so I cannot comment).The Wolfshook also appeared very prominently in the recent Ukrainian uprising, depicted both on flags and helmets. Clearly something is stirring in the Blood Memory or this rune would not be gaining in prominence.

I recently noticed that there has been some speculation that the Wolfsangel in its upright form is also known as a Donnerkeil. The Donnerkeil was a Stone Age celt or wedge which was thrown down to Midgard by the German Thunder God, Donar. Thus far I have not found any supportive evidence for this theory but it is one that I intend to explore and research further.

The Wolfsangel at the top of this article is an upright one.