Sunday, 29 May 2016

Runenhäuser by Philipp Stauff

The 55 Club have done a splendid job with their translation of this rare Armanist work. I know from personal experience that translating esoteric Armanist literature is not an easy task as much of the language is obscure and the concepts are not easy to grasp. The book is fully illustrated and comes with a short and helpful biography of Herr Phillipp Stauff. The Table of Contents include The German Timber-Frame Construction, The Runic Question, The Gable Triangle and Roof's End, Miscellaneous Figures, The Decorative Development, The Tau-Sign, and Other Wide Symbolism.

The translation and publication of this work in my opinion represents a mile stone, for the study of runic signs in timber framed buildings has not been given a great deal of coverage in the English speaking world apart from the writings of English esoteric researcher Nigel Pennick.

It is hoped that the 55 Club will continue in their mission for many years, bringing Armanist and Ariosophical literature to the English speaking world. May Arman guide them and lighten their path!

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